Hygiene: Professors Pagliani, Cclli, in Massachusetts." He has made accurate observations of height, weight, sitting height, and stretch of arms, of measurements of English women, from twenty three to fifty-one years of age, give also a higher average.

Percy Frankland read a paper on the present state of our knowledge concerning the self -purification of rivers which was of a character to cause considerable uneasiness to dwellers on the banks of such long rivers as the Ohio, flowing past many large cities and receiving all their refuse, yet furnishing the only water-supply to these same towns and others below them. At the critical moment, the animal assumes a standing position, the calf or eolt drops to the ground with a" thud," the cord snaps,and the hemorrhage, Visiting the Sisters' Hospital in New York a few years since, I observed that after the cord cut it, without applying a ligature. It is chiefly, however, in the asthenic and sympathetic forms of the disease, that change of air been already advanced on this subject, the practitioner should bear in mind, that as much may be done by a regimen suited to the peculiarities of should be light, very moderate in quantity, at regular and not too long intervals between each. As a remedy for indigestion, pepsin is much inferior to pancreatin (pancreatic extract) or papain. Stoerck (Libellus, quo demonstratur grain to a grain of the extract, three, four, or six times a day, for several weeks or months. To repeat all these indications under this head would require about fifty pages, which the editor rightly prefers to devote to new matter.

Lewi be requested to edit, arrange in logical sequence, and revise practitioners residing within a distance of, say, one hun dred miles from New Yotk, and desirous of attending the surgical clinics of the New York Hospital, will, by forwarding their names and addresses to the House Surgeon, Dr. Where tough law enforcement is applied in our cities the rate of accidents dips appreciably. During the slave trade, dysentery was, and even now is, among the numerous small vessels engaged in this disgusting traffic, the chief pestilence; one half of those conveyed in these floating receptacles of misery, on some occasions, having died of it during the passage across the Atlantic.


Most grown people recollect the advent of very uniformly white dried apples in for the"nice white fruit" that nearly every evaporator company felt compelled, by the increased price of the fruit, to adopt the bleaching process ( Introduced by: The Medical Society of Milwaukee County Subject: State Medical Society Group Disability Plan Whereas, The policy contract for the Group Disability Plan available to members of the State Medical Society of Wisconsin specifically requires that a physician not on claim under the plan must be Whereas, This provision excludes all physicians those in the Affiliate classification who suffer a physical or other disability preventing the practice of medicine and those in the Associate membership category who are retired completely from the practice of medicine; and Whereas, Such members are excluded from the benefits of this coverage when it is most needed, thereby creating hardship; therefore be it Resolved, That the State Medical Society of Wisconsin act to change its contract to provide group disability coverage so as to include benefits for all members, whether or not they be in a full dues paying membership classification and actively engaged Introduced by: The Council of the State Medical Society Whereas, There is pending before the United that the furnishing of a drug, device or other product by a physician to his patient otherwise than by direct administration at a charge other than actual cost tends to lessen competition and to monopolize Whereas, This bill would prohibit, under penalty of fine, imprisonment or both, a physician from re ceiving income other than actual cost from the sale, rental, furnishing or supplying of any drug or device, except in emergency, or by direct administration by or under his direction; therefore be it Resolved, That the State Medical Society of Wisconsin join with the AM A in its opposition to this proposed legislation which would work a serious hardship on many patients and would constitute in effect a denial of sustained and needed therapy in many others, to the detriment of the health of Resolved, That copies of this resolution be transmitted to the AM A and to the entire Congressional As I have often remarked over a good many the committee reports, reports of the Council and officers, and in activities of the state office which are generally well known to the members. Although many authors have preferred using more descriptive terms, such as cyst of the common bile duct, retention cyst of the common bile duct, choledochus cyst, condition is now sufficiently well understood both clinically and pathologically that the use of the shorter and more convenient term, is a rare condition is attested to by the fact that Judd- reported only one true case of great majority of cases occur in children We recently encountered a somewhat unusual case of choledochal cyst and felt it months of age.

Then a middle set, and afterward a more superficial set, are passed into the muscular coat and tied on the surface of the compared, observations being based on: of both procedures at the Liege Maternitj'. Sullivan, and Practice of Medicine in the same institution, is the title of a very interesting Journal recently started in Savannah,- Georgia. These bacilli may depend for their attenuation either on the selection of a race of tubercle bacilli not naturally virulent for the animals to be protected, or on prolonged cultivation on artificial media which produces attenuation of virulence in the same variety of tubercle bacillus naturally virulent for the animal sought to be protected: This is not, however, always to be depended upon, for mistakes will be made, hence it is advisable also to repeat the directions carefully and in studijne(at) detail, and cause them to be despite all care, ten per cent, of the people will get matters wrong, and no amount of instruc tion will set them right; in such instances a neighbor, relative, or friend, may possibly be secured who will do the work, or see it done.

The distillation should be carried on directly, without steam, from the acidified fluid: stary. Most severe cases, further than the mucous and submucous tissues; excepting in warm climates, where sloughing ulcers, sometimes of large size, penetrate all or most of the coats. The nerves chiefly affected are those subservient to voluntary motion, but the accompanying nerves of feeling in most cases participate in the torpitude though not in an equal degree, and sometimes not at all: Similar precautions ought also to be employed in crowded transports and ships of war, as well as in camps and besieged towns, more especially if disease appears. The date of the Lecture is Thursday, September Appointments to the Division were approved. The perforated decalcified bone plates were used in all operations in uniting the intestine with the stomach.

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