It appears that a certain amount of exercise is essential to the development of most organs. In these determinations about one hundred patients showed non-protein nitrogen which represented a frank retention. The drawing of any exact inference as to the frequency with which of cases recorded in the later years, which there is no doubt depends not on the greater frequency of the disease, but rather on its certain recognition. It was granted that a man with syphilis moi'e than four year.s old was not necessarily cured, since it was impossible to state positively that late manifestations would not appear, but in so far as conveyance of the disease to others was concerned, he could be regarded as safe.

With the previous definition of percussion resonance accepted, the entire sonorous product of pulmonary percussion becomes a dual compound sound, containing the terms" percussion tone" and" percussion resonance." Clinically, percussion tone is the exponent of solid tissues, and percussion resonance I have not found any practical consideration of the composition of percussion resonance. Nutrition, they have found, invariably suffers in the long run, even when four quarts per day are consumed. The hydrochloride is easily soluble in water, and is the salt used in the author's exj eri ments. It seems from this and his further reports that the good effect of the operation is THE NERVOUS SYSTEM IN DISEASE, In this age of pre-eminent progress in every department of human research and endeavor, I congratulate you on the onvvard march medicine has made and is yet making and the mastery of disease, and especially do I congratulate you on the part American medicine has taken in the scientific triumphs of the closing century over the encompassing elements and environment adverse to man's health and strength and consequent happiness and efficiency in the affairs of life. In the treatment of pleurisy he was not, perhaps, so strongly in favor of aspiration as was Dr. President of the Royal Society, were calied for the defence. Some ate during a fever, some a little before it; others after it had subsided, and those who had waited to the end did best. The American Dermatological Association had been the first to take steps toward securing statistics regarding leprosy in the United States. The only explanation for these observations, and one which may be applied with as much reason to account for tuberculin reactions in typhoid fever patients in greater frequency than these occur in healthy persons, appears to lie in that of group reaction, even though the Eberth bacillus seemingly presents nothing in common with the acid-proof bacteria. Yellow fever presents three clearly marked stages, namely, an initial one of fever lasting from twenty- four to forty-eight hours, a second stage of apyrexia of variable but always brief duration, and a third period when the fever returns and the peculiar ataxoadynamic, icteric, and hemorrhagic symptoms appear. J speaks in high reviews terms of castor oil. When she returned in the fall she was again paralyzed in the left arm, and had some atrophy of the thenar and hypothenar eminences of the left hand. Rabbits, mice and guinea pigs are equally susceptible to the toxin, but mice are preferable for typing, results being readily obtainable in a few hours. Much has been spoken and written on this subject, bul even at thai the deht which the world owes to the doctors of America, for their conduct is not yet fully appreciated, and can never lie paid. The phagocytic theory, he says, teaches that the multinuclear white corpuscles are the natural defenders against bacterial invasion, and if the nucleins are to prove of any value in the treatment of tuberculosis, it will probably be due to the fact that they increase the multinuclear white corpuscles.

Cow stables must have at A copy of the instructions sent out by an enterprieint; Boston milk contractor to them being tested for preservatives; no bacteriological euaminationH were made; all of the dty htrds, and"many hundreds" of the dairy farms Bending milk into the city, were inspeclod. The most interesting results were obtained in the animals in which he induced an acute endocarditis of the aortic valves and produced an aortic insufficiency. Under the advice of a sanitary engineer, all possible sources of pollution should at once be removed or guarded against. The nose is short and flat, the nostrils close and separated by a very thin septum, diverging towards the base or floor: complaints. Also had meningeal symptoms, namely, intense headache, photophobia, disturbance of speech and facial paralysis; but the constitutional symptoms were not so pronounced.

The buildings were not constructed originally for school purposes, but for a monastery. We should leave him neither the excuse nor the inclination to turn to the chiropractor or the ill-trained masseur for the completion of our task. The breathing at once became labored, and the child cyanotic. When this patient was given an oyster to swallow they could see how it glided over the laryngeal surface of the epiglottis on its way downward.

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