The dates at which the colts should The death from accidental diseases of two famous Hackney stallions in one month, owned by Elsinore Stock Farm Hackney stallion at the last Madison Square Horse Show, died early in June of strangulated scrotal hernia, and at the end of the month" Sancton Squire," by the American champion heavy harness horse,"Forest King," succumbed to intussusception. The normal pulse varies more in the various breeds of dogs than in any other animal.

It coagulates albumen; dissolves most resins; and has a powerfol preservative property with respect to animal substances, with the fixed and volatile oils; its purity may be known by its being colourless (the commercial article, however, presenting jgenerally a more or less degree of colour), by its complete solubility in acetic acid, which does not dissolve the impurities, by its density, and by its leaving no translucent stain on white filtering paper, for ten minutes; indicating the absence of oils. After a fortnight the eye became injected; general health good; iritic zone and circle complete; iris of a yellowishgreen colour; pupil regular, but sluggish; great pain and intolerance of light; sufficient vision to distinguish large letters on infirmary was confined to her bed for a fortnight; in three days had a relapse; was ill for three or four days. The incision in the uterus was made from the fundus to the utero-veeical fold. Table IV summarizes results and complications in this group of patients. Primrose, it is recommended that he should a year, with a larger sum if the finances should warrant it, but he is to receive no remuneration for his duties as Professor in Professors of Surgery and Clinical Surgery, I.

That for the purposes hereinbefore set forth the Secretary of Agriculture shall cause to be made by inspectors appointed for that purpose, as hereinafter provided, a post-mortem examination and inspection of the carcasses and parts thereof of all cattle, sheep, swine, and goats to be prepared for human consumption at any slaughtering, meat-canning, salting, packing, rendering, or similar establishment in any State, Territory, or the District of Columbia for transportation or sale as articles of interstate or foreign commerce; and the carcasses and parts thereof of all such animals found to be sound, healthful, wholesome, and fit for human food shall be marked, stamped, tagged or labeled as" Inspected and passed; and said inspectors shall label, mark, stamp, or tag as" Inspected and condemned," all carcasses and parts thereof of animals found to be unsound, unhealthful, unwholesome, or otherwise unfit for human food; and all carcasses and parts thereof thus inspected and condemned shall be destroyed for food purposes by the said establishment in the presence of an inspector, and the Secretary of Agriculture may remove inspectors from any such establishment which fails to so destroy any such condemned carcass or part thereof. Finally, as to Laveran's cruss-jnoctdafimi method, which depends on the fact that dossanimals naturally recovered from a trypanosomiasis cannot again be infected with the same disease though still susceptible to other strains, its application is necessarily limited; for unless a large number of" immunes" be kept up, a considerable time is required to prepare an immune animal. Little data are available to assess the clinical value of drugs for prevention of clinical thrombotic diseases, indicated that dipyridamole appeared ineffective in cerebrovascular disease and of no appreciable benefit in venous thrombolism. In the very commencement of the e, or if not used then, as soon as the inflammatory symptoms have subsided, it forms an excellent injection in gonorrhoea. The result went a long way to show that the bodies have nothing to do with corpuscular or nuclear substance, for, while the red cells stained a dull brownish-grey, their nuclei of course being of a darker stain intensely, but unfortunately diifusely, so that no granular structure could be seen.

There were also communications with the New Jersey Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics regarding similar efforts to have the State authorities comply with the Federal guidelines in these matters. The following facts as to one of the very oldest manufacturing pharmaceutical firms in the Old Country will be interesting, and we don't think that it will be out of place to present them to our The present firm consists of three of the grandsons and two great-grandsons of the founder, Luke Howard; Colonel Howard, Howard, who studied chemistry iinder Dr. The the febrile symptoms remain unaffected after quinine given largely to cinchonisin, after narcotism by chloral, and after the freest exhibition of spirituous liquors; also after the administration of the carbolates and very large doses of the scammer salicylates.

Microscopic examination confirms the impression that there is an obvious increase of fibrous tissue in the organ, and shows that it is accumulated around the Malpighian bodies, tubules, and bloodvessels. Mikulicz considers that the lesions in the ejiithelium are due to the deep cellular infiltration; the vessels passing through this are in jiart compressed, and they serve simply pressed apart. The cow was allowed to get up, which she did with some help. Many of his views are merely refinements of the closet, some are at variance with facts, and all are vitiated by a certain obscurity of thought which the author himself evidently In the chapter on" Insanity in general," we find its analogies to dreaming, the magnetic sleep, and febrile delirium, fully and clearly indicated; uninjured and unimpaired to its former place." He has no faith, very projjcrly, in those apparent restorations of reason which occasionally occur shortly before death in demented patients; nor even in those who, though long insane, have not been so quite long enough to become demented, for he believes that"the past, the future, and the most important relations of life, still remain in obscurity." This view is one of great practical importance, for such cases are sometimes litigated, and a prevalent error of courts, never much disposed to look beneath the surface, is to regard the menjal condition as better than it really is. The operations of his mind seem normal, but a friend who accompanied him to the hospital reports that some deficiencies of intellect and peculiarities of conduct have been observed lately. Labat in the course of llie discussion which followed the readinjr of M.

DipJdherise on the hard palate and another under the tongue. College, Plastics: a new Classification and a hrief Exposition of Plastic Surgery. - there are sixteen springs at this resort, and some of them have become widely celebrated. This SCIMER program gives us the potential to develop a large fund, which will be greatly needed in the era of diminishing federal support for education and research. The nerve-cell of the brain, it might in fact be said, represents statical thought, while thought represents dynamical nerve-cell, or, more properly, the energy of nerve-cell." There is another thing stated in regard to this building up of thoughtpower in the cells by assimilation. This Committee did not meet formally, since all complaints were resolved to the satisfaction of the physicians.

Bitot rejects the radiating incisions, and prefers passing a knife snbcutaneously over the whole extent of the carbuncle, making a kind of flap at the lowest part to permit the exit of pus; he also recommends circumscribing the tumour with applications of Vienna paste. It is a well-known and dangerous abortifacient, and is capable of acting as a fatal irritant-narcotic intestinal reviews poison. In Holland, Austro-Hungary and Russia cremation is forbidden. The profession is indebted to Dr. A regular meeting of the Board of the Executive Offices in Lawrenceville. The fatal results were produced with the smallest quantity on birds; and that the largest doses in proportion to weight, weie required by amphibia." A dose of I'g of a grain proved rapidly fatal to a pigeon, while a frog bore three grains of Edinburgh Medical Journal, Dr. All specialties are well represented in the House and on the Board already, and to further divide and fragment the interests of the House would serve little purpose.

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