Cooke, reviews Francis Henry, Birch, Colchester. October loth, morning, called his family physician, who is visiting physician to St. It is one of the most positive remedies in Cholera, Diarrhoea, Dysentery, and has been used in Consumption, Bronchitis, Croup, Asthma, Hooping Cough, Fever and Ague and Neuralgia. Cabot that castration seems especially efficacious in cases of large tense prostates, when the obstruction is due to the pressure of the lateral lobes upon the urethra, and is of but little use in cases of myomatous and fibrous glands, he is warranted, I consider, by the records to I have hitherto been addressing myself more particularly to the application of castration to prostatic hypertrophy generally. The experience of our private licensed homes or retreats in Scotland and England cannot be satisfactorily ascertained from the above causes, and the absence of Grovernment or other inspection, and of statistics; but I know of several males and females treated in different establishments for considerable periods of time, who have done well afterwards. Hammond, ex-Surgeon-General of the Nervous System; Physician to Bellevue Hospital; for the Cure of Inebriates; of the New York Neurological Society; of the Medical Society of the County of Kings, Brooklyn, N. In his early years, his visits were on horseback.

Et de Rhinolog., seventeen years old, and Dr. In another case, of sciatic neuralgia, the fluid was introduced by one puncture behind the trochanter, and another half way down the thigh.

With regard to legal procedure which was contemplated by coupon the students, we are informed that the counsel consulted in the matter does not hold out sufficient encouragement to warrant COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS OF QUEBEC.

If the work were thrown entirely upon the specialists, they would have to labor forty-eight hours a day. That the diagnosis is important is shown by the fact that the tubercle may be confined to the sac and its contents, but can, and often does, spread to the general peritoneum.

The inflammation may, however, extend to the cellular membrane beneath the tegument and to the fibro-cartilnge of the ear, giving occasion to abscess, of external otitis, an abscess forms befoie the meatus auditorius externus, which breaks into it, and requires attention, inasmuch as the pus that accumulates may exert a sinister influence on the neighbouring parts, and denude the bones and fibro-cartilages of the external ear. When it is removed, diaphoresis breaks out, and this has led to the idea, in all ages, that the diaphoresis is an effort of nature, which is critical, and puts anend to the disease. The instruction is personal, the practitioner being brought in direct contact with the patient. The instruction is personal, the practitioner being brought in direct contact with the patient. The important symptoms are: (c) An enlarged and palpable spleen. It may be given either internally or be administered to the eyebrow or the temple, and from one-sixth to one-fourth of a grain of strychnia may be sprinkled on the blistered surface once a day, until headache, pricking pains over the body, tremors; or tetanic twitchings are induced. Jour, i" Description of an Apparatus for Promoting Respiration in review Cases of Suspended Dist, Walsingham Union; also Colkirk Dist. A purulent vaginal secretion exposes the woman to puerperal infection. Winter Session will begin Wednesday, Octpber ist, and The curriculum is graded, and a preliminary examination and three Annual Winter Sessions are required. It is unfortunately true that for one person who will take the trouble to investigate the plienomena of effect, there are fifty who do not trace the effect back to the cause at all, but are content with an assumption of fact as a basic truth. Cases of successful treatment of intermittents have been published by Dr. In the United States of America this condition is very common, and the cases present the greatest difficulties in the operation. ;" Multiple Abscesses of the Liver with Medical Ideas," by Dr. It seems capable of being made into pads for fracture, hernia, etc., and is very operated sixty-nine times, with success in two thirds of the cases.

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