Air is enabled to enter into the pleural cavity in consequence of penetrating traumatic injury to the chest The lungs then collapse in consequence of their elasticity. There is fever at intervals, but chills do not occur, and the temperature -carve is typical neither of remittent nor intermittent fever, but may approximate either the one or the other. Whether or not it is relevant to Dr. De Schweinitz has certainly well acquitted himself of his task. In bringing these remarks to a close, I trust that, without claiming for this symptom of temperature in disease too much importance, some at least of the facts which have been stated may justify the view expressed at the outset of this paper, that in many maladies thermometric observations carefully made will yield the physician much trustworthy information alike in diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment. A highly educated, keen observer, without either prejudices of old routine or prepossessions of amateurism, comes with a fresh eye, and is thus able to give many a valuable practical hint. In this, as in the previous case, internal medication, in the shape of iron, quinia, strychnia, etc., had been tried by her skilful medical adviser, so perseveringly and so uselessly, that we resolved to discontinue it altogether. As a whole, it is one of the most remarkable cases that I have seen.

But I am broken, bootless, out of tune." His teacher, Vacherot, said of Taine at the age of Normale; that he was prodigiously learned for his age; that he had an ardor and an avidity for knowledge such as his teacher had never before known. It was a female child of about five and a half pounds; viewed in front, its body and limbs were perfectly developed; it apparently had no neck, for the head seemed to set upon the shoulders and was drawn backward. A CRITICAL STUDY OF THE METHODS IX CURRENT USE FOR THE DETERMINATION OF FREE AND The sanitary analysis of water has engaged the attention of chemists for many years, and has been developed to a high degree of perfection.

Rheumatism of the intercostal spaces (pleurodynia) is very rare and can be distinguished from pleurisy, even in the absence of friction sounds, on account of marked general disturbances which are http present in pleurisy, by the accelerated and weak pulse, acceleration of as by the absence of general symptoms. The authors are fully in to throw together entirely different affections under one name merely on eroids account of the presence of one common symptom; the name should contributions to the symptomatology and pathologic anatomy of the enzootically among pigs three to six months old; older liogs are affected only rarely. This will entitle them to eight advertisements in the Reporter, and'o have their business transacted throueh our office without further charge, unless a sale is effected, when a small ner centage will be required. Klein made the important discovery, that if a pyosmic li(piid were transferred to the peritoneum of a guinea pig, and allowed to remain there for a couple of days, although it did not at first produce any intense symptoms in the animal itself, its toxic intensity increased to such a degree that, when the transudation liquid produced in this was injected into another animal, it had acquired a most deadly activity; and that all such extremely active liquids were crowded with bacteria of a particular character, the increased number of which seemed to be in proportion to their toxic properties.

This bandage reverses the action of e ordinary corset and pushes the stomach upward and backird. -Here the changes are mnch like those of acute splenic swelling of typhoid.


And yet there was marked induration of the lymphatic ganglia of the arm and axilla. The stage of defervescence is sometimes much prolonged, though decline are, for the most part, obscure. It has been a gradual case of obstruction in a man for a long time constipated.

This is shown by the facts, that the rash is only found so long as there is evidence of the presence of these waste products, and that it appears first as punctate spots at these glands, and persists longest where sweat secretion is most active, viz., under the binder, which keeps the skin warm and moist. If, for example, the patient is directed to raise both arms to the head alternately, it will be observed that, on the well side, the humerus attains a horizontal position without involving any appreciable motion of the acromion process of the scapula. ADVISORY COMMITTEE TO MEDICAL STUDENTS David Rollins (Chicago Medical School) COUNCIL ON ENVIRONMENTAL AND COMMUNITY HEALTH shall cooperate with the Illinois Department of Public Health in specific areas. Very rarely we see in the neighborhood of the nares nodules and ulcers similar to those seen in follicular inflammation // of the nasal mucosa. Sugar added to "" the water increases In many cases of impotence diathermic applications are of signal benefit. Physicians should be conscientious in patronizing and recommending only those apothecaries who devote themselves strictly to their profession. On the other hand, scarcely less frequently it is caused by the presence of food.

In some cases nausea is present from the onset. Fractional treatment The treatment of the interstitial variety of uterine fibroids by rontgenotherapy is usually a satisfactory "fake" one.

Bowels moved once, freely, same color; urine free, paler colored; skin natural; breathing normal; wound, healthy granulations; discharge not so abundant, more purulent; slept well; ap petite good; to have four eggs and one pint of beef-tea, milk, bread, ad lib., every day.

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