Passive movements should be made with as long excursions as possible, and the best results are obtained if these passive movements are alternate with absolute rest. I am not certain as to the exact nature of this shadow. If it is conceded that the protracted use of large doses of the drug tends to the production of a state of the system allied to scurvy, or purpura hemorrhacica, as the result of some of the above cases would really seem to show, a conjecture relative to its methodus medendi might be hazarded, which certainly, we conceive, has plausibility for its recommendation. Breakfast: Cream cheese, dry toast, milk and water sweetened with sugar. Such figures as a drop in mortality from twenty-seven per cent, for the ninety years least a cause for satisfaction. We would wish he were more bold and less secretive.

None of the remedies which I employed seemed to have any special value and sodium bicarbonate dressings actually increased the amount of pyocyaneus pus. In the face of this testimony acknowledging the existence of typhoid fever in our camps, but pronouncing the prevailing camp-fever to be essentially a malarial fever of an advnamic character, it is difficult to conceive that the insertion of the term typho-malarial in the monthly sick reports, without a word of explanation as to its scope, could have so influenced medical officers in the field as to cause them to change their views and regard these fevers as typhoid modified by active malarial phenomena. The Russian and Turkish scam troojis in Asia equally fell a prey to it. Finally his turn came and he faced St. And yet, from the standpoint of immediate treatment and of prognosis, the most important thing to know is what reserve functional power the kidney possesses rather than whether the connective tissues or the tubules are the It should be remembered that renal insufficiency may be a manifestation secondary and perhaps subsidiary to other conditions. The pleural cavities were nearly tilled with serum; the lungs compressed previous to the occurrence of the anasarca, which appeared shortly before his admission.

The patient's::c,ul is at oiice drawn over the end of tile table so that biood cannot l)e Mucked into the lungs. The treatment was continued, with the addition of dry cupping to the spine, and sinapisms to the extremities.

Afford examples of a very unusual lesion of the uterus, in one of which the placenta was found protruding from the fundus into the cavity of the peritoneum, and in the other, an opening of a similar character was found, the placenta having been withdrawn during life. The wounds were then closed or grafted. When it comes to"Slang," he strikes us where we live. This is likewise the time to free nerve trunks embedded in a mass of cicatrical tissue or in a callus, or suture Conservative surgery has, however, its risks, the principal risk being to let the favorable time for amputation slip by, but this must not have an exaggerated importance in the surgeon's mind. County Health Nurse; At a recent meeting of the State Hoard ol Health tn Montgomery, resolutions were passed paying tribute to Dr. Is aJvi.sablp Fn minshot fraifiires In militarvanil in industrial sursi'TV it is not unusual to find that a fr.iiii;-. The symptoms did not appear alarming at this time: but in half an hour the patient the veins of the head and neck became turgid and the pulse feeble and too rapid to be counted. Cases of this kind of water was review obtained it was necessary to dig ten feet into the ledge. But whether performed for one or the other, is of no consequence. The knee yielded gradually to passive extension, and though nearly auchylosed at the date of the last report, the patient is able to support herself on the affected limb. The first case of cholera amongst the military in Quebec occurred on store ill Champlain Street, in the Lower Town. Tho right side of the heart contained clots. If there was a surgeon with a particularly high reputation for a certain class of cases, such a man was given most of these cases.

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