- latinised by KsBmpfer, signiiying a kind of elephantiasis of the scrotnm, endemic in southern Asia.

To produce a full laxation, where this seems necessary, milk of magnesia, castor-oil, or some other active drug can be employed. In some patients it may be necessary to add reserpine or a-methyldopa to the thiazide regimen in order to achieve control.

Therefore, it stands to reason that such preparation on the part of the employee is both beneficial and essential to him and the hospital in which he If the present health system cannot provide itself with adequate personnel, it is manifest that the system must be changed. This makes the sponges dark brown: they are then washed in sterile water until this color disappears. The operation is easy if one recognizes the anatomy of My patient was a Swiss woman of portion of Switzerland where goitre is endemic.

The whole of these volumes are replete with matter important to the natural historian and philosopher. In normal individuals, the small bowel lumen is devoid of a resident bacterial be in transit from the nasopharynx. The blood is ejected degeneration, especially in elderly persons, the pulmonary capillaries and small vessels of the bronchi sometimes yield, giving rise to a more or less copious flow. This gives occasion for large stagnant pools of water that exist all the year around. The evidence which supports this claim may be advantageously presented along anatomical, pathological and clinical lines. The first can be obtained as number of ways; as, for example, in vaccination against smallpox, by inoculating with microorganisms which have lost their virulence for man by passing through certain animals; or, as in Pasteur's vaccination against anthrax, in which use is made of artificially-attenuated micro-organisms; or. At times in these cases, paresis develops and the picture is one of delusions boundless confidence in remedies of all kinds and especiallv drink remedies. Consisting of the fermenting marc of grapes from which the juice has been expressed.

Rash over body, pains in head; no treatment Neg. In my experience it has been unusual to get as much as one liter of bloody fluid following an infarct.

During inspiration, the negative pressure within the chest produces suction on the column of blood in the internal jugular vein, and this is transmitted to a lesser degree to the blood in the sigmoid sinus.

In this way the membrana pupillaris is seen on its posterior surface, and the vessels may be discovered with the naked eye. He knows what no other knows; and he often knows what is unknown in the family itself. The cause of this action is in doubt. The strength of the quinine and urea solution depends upon the type of the goitre and the character of the symptoms. Further along this railroad, with a branch road running directly to its brink, is that unique marvel of nature, the Grand Canon of Colorado- It is impossible to form any adequate conception of the sublimity of this vast abyss.

Where the sinus is to be at once surgically dealt with, however, this procedure is dispensed with.

A term applied to acute take up an abnormal amount of nutritive material Procti'ttM, An inflammation of the buttocks.

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