The fomentation is repeated daily until the black slough begins to separate, after which wet boric acid dressings are used to expedite healing. Cultural examination of the tissues negative throughout, as before. Raymond Breton and de Kochfort, prove that it was syphilis; indeed, du Tertre states that epian is" la veritable verole dans le plus haut degre de sa malignite." It is clear, therefore, that those authors who have quoted the works of these old missionary priests as authority for the theory that yaws was endemic in the West Indian islands when they were first discovered, have not taken sufiicient care to eliminate error by studying carefully the original works themselves.

Multiple sclerosis, if it appears early, may be difficult to recognize, as there are many similar symptoms; as a rule, it develops later in life. Prom seventeen to twenty-two cars a day were disinfected I visited this yard daily, and many times at night, and can only say that the disinfection to my knowledge was not neglected in a single Instance. In some cases the delirium assumes the characters of some special form of mental alienation. The other part of the treatment is a combination of suggestion and the use of nerve sedatives. The addition of plain water in the proportion of one part to four parts of blood causes the movements of the spirochsetse to become slower and to cease ten times more quickly than in undiluted serum. There is a striking disproportion between the severity of the subjective symptoms when compared with the rather minor abnormalities which constitute the The ohfectwe symptoms are especially important from a military standpoint, as the conclusion of medical officers should, as far as possible, be based on objective evidence in the widest sense, including the observed affect of effort. The Combat Against, During Diplococcus, Pyogenic, Found in Skin Derived from the Training of Medical Dug-out, Surgical, How to Ventilate It Flavine.

And when a memory-picture is called up through a fresh perception, its feeling-tones will be awakened at the same time. "On the place suggested there was an irregularly shaped (not a K The other wounds were produced in the same manner, but were not duplicated on the opposite side. The temperature may, as we have already seen, rise during a febrile paroX:ysm to a very considerable height, but sometimes the fever is not specially the temperature and increases very rapidly in frequency, reaching, or forty beats to the minute. When this is one of the early symptoms, the sudden and spasmodic character of the movements causes danger of the needle, through which the serum is being given, Another bronchial involvement that may be associated with the first stage is dyspnea. It is urged the Court erred in refusing to dismiss the suit for want of authority of plaintiff's attorney to institute action. Tumors springing from the third ventricle may involve the aqueduct of Sylvius and the superior cerebellar peduncles and cause similar symptoms. This case is one of many in which I have discovered a previously denied attack of gonorrhea. A few days before the trial he requested an examination by a mental specialist. Like all other remedies which are potent for good, physical training has within it the capacity for evil. Opened by Georok B Recent Researches on Emetine and its Value as a Therapeutic Agent in The Society does not hold itself in any way responsible for the statements made or the views put forward in the various papers.

(c) If methods of observing the microscopic pathology of the Such laboratory procedures as the use of ingenious methods for observing the bacteriological power of leukocytes, when removed from the wound and put on agar plates or glass slides, are useful as a method of analysis of leukocyte activities.

Here a distinction seems to be Huston, J., delivered the opinion of the Court. In one case, that of had an extensive fistula which Mr. Fever, diarrhoea, and abdominal pain and tenderness.

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