The sound accompanying the insj)irations is like the sonorous sound in hooping cough, but is finer, more acute, and the note is higher.

Apropos of pleurisy, I may notice that Professor Peter, another of paper, before the Academy of Medicine, on thecorapara'ive ihermoracIry between the healthy and diseased sides of the chest m this aflTection. The next day, the animal having nearly recovered from the effects of the first dose, another larger quantity was administered; the same symptoms appeared, but more rapidly and with greater intensity.

Often, too, when such conditions have been positively diagnosticated, we may be able to advise the patient to submit to an operation for the removal of the underlying cause.

A similar experiment with boric acid, extending through thirty days, was also tried. The child was alternately cold and hot, and became insensible for some time before death, but it did not appear to have been convulsed beyond the straining of the vomiting, which was severe; the bowels were not The medical attendant, I understand, was a gentleman who walks one of the Borougli hospitals, brother of Mr.

The following somewhat unique case, which fell into my hands yesterday, both amused and troubled me.

Goldie also notices a considerable excess of deaths from inflammatory diseases of the lungs, owing to the prevalence of cold easterly winds. Every source of information that seemed suited to his purpose appears to have been carefully examined: and of late years what invaluable stores have been thrown open by the enterprise of indefatigable On the question of the unity or plurality of the original species of mankind, that have of late years been published advocating- an opposite doctrine, Dr. The cry of the hounds While Echo repeated the musical sounds And Jove, charmed with the chace, with a These blessings, attendant on Hunters, to Nor with jealous fears shall your thoughts be Revered by your friends, by your Wives still possest.

Both services require the legit flyer to check out daily through the flight surgeon before flying.

On several occasions he has noticed blood in his urine and at the end of micturition. The Medical Defence Association has added to its many claims to the gratitude of the public and the profession by the recent prosecution, in which it has once more struck a blow at the dangerous practice carried on by chemists of doctoring the ailments of the poor. If, therefore, the patient is able to drink, the following potions may be employed alternately: If the patient is unable to swallow, and the indication is urgent, hypodermic injections must be resorted to; from one to five or ten cubic centimetres of ether may be injected in the twenty-four hours, and from two to four or six cubic centimetres of the following The room should be kept thoroughly aired, and the patient should not be allowed to see many persons.

Those compounds which are of themselves insoluble in water, may be dissolved by digesting them with nitric acid; and the copper test may then be applied. When it is applied to the tongue, to the inner surface of the cheek, or to the pharynx, a numb sensation supervenes in the course of about five minutes, but there is little real anaesthesia.

Some physicians had come grains to the ounce was strong enough for any case. Reference was made to the long continuance of pain before any definite appearance of tumour; and it was suggested, as an explanation of the occurrence of intussusception, that pain and the subsequent motor derangement must be ascribed to a functional disorder of the abdominal nerves and ganglia, a relaxed state of a lower segment certainly favouring the intrusion of an.actively contracting part above. I arranged to see her next day in bed; and, on exammation, immediately heard the placental murmur, and presently the fecial heart. In September sores began to appear in her mouth, and they have been present ever since.

We shall endeavoui- to find room for notices of some of these in future numbers. His two-year rotary internship followed by the surgical residency at the German Hospital was coveted by graduates of medical schools everywhere, rivalled in Philadelphia only in part by the surgical training at the Episcopal, Pennsylvania, Methodist and Presbyterian Hospitals.

It is consistent with what is personally known to members of the Faculty individually, that of the select ciass of young early success, and are, within the first quinquennial period of their high distinction are often very early secured Irrespectively of the advantages of a fixed, comfortable, and healthy abode tor himself and his family, the position of an energetic and successful civil practitioner in his tenth year, and tiience onwards, is incomparably superior to that of the army medical officer at the s.ime period of his career, exposed to all the risks ot foreign service, in which his wife and children are involved, and in connection with which very heavy expenses are entailed upon him, for which the service provides no adequate compensation. In "review" turning, however, there is danger of unconsciousness.

Neither is it necessary, in prescribing, to make any allowance for changes in the strength of the acid from decomposition, for the part of it which has been decomposed is immediately reconverted into hydriodic acid on being Iodide of Potassium. But I may remark, that even admitting the effects it produces, the greater is the quantity of produced on the animal tissues by Cin Ciiichona alkalies presumed to be present, chona always to be those he states, I have already mentioned that an infusion the inferences he has attemjjted to of Yellow bark contains so much lime in draw from them are unwarrantable, since solution, that a solution of sulphate of soda he totally forgets or overlooks the dif occasions a white preeipitateof the sulphate ference between a dead and a living of lime. The gonococcus, the staphylococcus, the streptococcus and other reviews organisms could be cultured and identified, although not effectively treated.

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