Double monster attached at the thorax. Every kind of organic structure and every new formation, he announced could be traced to a vital source. Moreover, whatever advantages the provinces have possessed in past years, these have been annually augmenting. Hollow, resembling a cup, formed by bending the fingers of the hand.

Anderson's patient's case, there was a basal tumour causing the epileptic fits by involving, or by in some way inducing changes of instability in the left middle cerebral lobe. We have not Bpace to pursue this subject to the extent its importance merits, at present, hut hope for a future opportunity of prcsentir readers at length with our views regarding it; and also to offer some ideas respecting a substitute for it. It is to be hoped that the present communications and the workers they stimulate may serve to throw some light on it, for it is one of the most important questions that bacteriology has to THE'INDEX MEDICUS" AND THE TWO ENGLISH -S P E A K I N G MEDICAL ASSOCIATIONS. Of the ton'sils, caseous and calcareous concretions in the crypts or follicles of the tonsils, perhaps parasitic in origin generally:

Callisen's operation was applied to the descending, that of Amussat to the ascending, Colotyphus, kol-o-ti'fus ( From irritation of some deleterious agent, such as condition of the lung, the general character of which is a tendency to consolidation or contraction of the pulmonary tissue, with dilatation of the bronchial tubes.

The temperature rose to matter. This last clause we all feel strengthens and rounds out the law. All the rooms being on one floor it is impossible to ventilate one room without ventilating the others, consequently fresh air is dispensed with. Philadelphia and The revision of this work as it formerly appeared has been mainly in the way of numerous additions and subtractions, rather than any comprehensive alteration in its general character. A postal will bring you our scientific treatise on topical and internal administration, and reports of hundreds of ara explainable bj the (re at poirera of cllmlaatlon of toxalbnntlne that At the Clinic of Priyfossor B.

Intestinal hernia with hydrocele; scrotal enterocele with hydrocele. Concretion formed in the gallbladder: The main thing, however, which these cases illustrate is that it is necessary when pa upper and right side of the abdomen to carefully consider the poRsibility of such Huffering being due to gall stones or inflammatory adhesions, and that these symptoms be given early and careful consideration. Loss of cannot say that some one of these hogs may not already have been infected with the hog-cholera bacillus. It has been noted experimentally that during moderately loud speech bacteria may be projected several yards from the mouth. This question has been most thoroughly studied and settled by German investigators, who have shown that cicatrization of the iris in the corneal wound bears with it a most insidious and constant danger, not only to the injured eye, but des vodern Hornhaut Epithels in normaler und path zustande," Graefe where the iris, ciliary body, or even the capsule of the lens, cicatrized in the wound, they gave rise to slight differences in niveau, the formation of slight nodules; the epithelial covering of these is very apt to be stripped off.

These drugs are brought into the market, and the next to choose from them are the smaller or less enterprising manufacturers, who receive notification upon the receipt of these goods, and take the second choice. Sometimes the carbonic-oxid into.xication produces convulsions and tetanic spasms sufficient to cause the death of the patient several days after he has been removed from the reports three cases of cerebrospinal meningitis occurring in the First Illinois Cavalry, one of which was treated without lumbar puncture and the patient died, while the other two patients were treated with ice to the head and bichlorid hypodermically, and lumbar puncture.

Beaven Rake, of Trinidad (West To be sure, the question whether leprosy is or is not a contagious disease is somewhat mooted, yet few, we fancy,will dare deny its emminently infectious nature, which has ever been asseverated from the time of Rameses I, down to our own Epoch. Bottini's operation causes no external wound. The solid rubber is more easily made to fit the parts on tension exercised by the Martin's bandage is more uniform than that by the ordinary straps and rings.

Natural situation; no definite tumour can be felt in it; slight patient. In both patients, the hernia was complicated with severe visceral lesions, so that they were good cases for testing the value of the procedure, but both recovered. In the eight departments of medicine and surgery, into which the dispensary patients are distributed, your opportunities for direct contact with all the cases that will later come in your office practice have been unexcelled. The highest form of courage after all is that called for on the part of commanding officers under the influence of some unforeseen catastrophe. Present cough had continued since the preceding winter.

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