For half tones, glossy photographs should be submitted. Why should constant urging and prodding and nagging of prospective authors be necessary to produce an occasional original article or a few sporadic case reports? Do not plead lack of time or of interesting material as an excuse.

Treatment of nervous palpitation demands, above all else, the removal of every recognizable and remediable predisposing cause. All members except one took postgraduate work.

Wendell Johnson of Iowa City; discussed by f Wayne J.

However, in our present system declaration has been the sufficient criterion for many self-styled specialists. Einancial aid was secured from the International Health Board of the Rockefeller Foundation to be expended in the interest of sanitary and health facilities for rural areas. There is no doubt that to the county societies belong the duties of enforcing the law, but how and by what means such duties are to Another matter, of perhaps even greater importance, at least to the medical profession outside of the state, is the recommendation from the New York Gounty Society, to the effect that a revision of the Code of Ethics be made. AVhen the growth is entirely within the.sphincter, the edges are brought together with equal care, but the tube is inserted through a track made for it, which communicates with the wound above and perforates the healthy skin at a point outside of the border of the sphincter. The growth has the characteristics of hard cancer, and presents a dull, whitish, dense mass of cartilaginous hardness.

As I lived in the neighbourhood, I was immediately called, and while I was there, fhe fuddenly vomited up two live round worms; and prefently fhe proceeded on in the work fhe had begun, quite unmindful of what had happened. A new price list has been marked increase in the number coupons of cheap rooms. Hence, as bleeding at the nose is the most common of all forms of spontaneous haemonnage, it is not surprising that, when a morbid tendency to spontaneous bleeding arises, it should be these very capillaries of the nasal mucous membrane which generally, and indeed almost always, give way. If the excessive heat in fevers be partly due to oxidation of hydrogen, why would not the emaciation be moderated by a liberal supply of hydrogen in the shape of fats, starch, sugar, and alcohol? SECTION VI. The frequency of inflammatory and suppurative processes in the posterior arc of the anal canal is attributable to the prepondrance of anal ducts, anal glands, and especially anal crypts in the posterior portion of are observed infrequently in children, while the presence of external thrombosed hemorrhoids (perianal hematomas) and tags is quite common. In this way they will improve the practice of medicine in rural areas and help solve Professor B. Under medical treatment the ulcer was cured as judged by x-ray studies and clinical though there was no supervision of his diet until five weeks ago. To quiet pain and secure rest. Enlargement of the gland does not refer to mere probability Init to definite enlargement with a tendency to changes in the size of the gland, varying with the amount of absorption' If, after having made several examinations covI ering a period of two or three months, in the ab; sence of a new infection, the glands remain large,! then I feel that the tonsils should be removed. It must be borne in mind that the jiatient may have both gallbladder disease and stones in the right kidney. He was a large, full-blooded man who habitually over-stimulated and who had been on quite a racket the preceding evening. They greet each llc other orderly room. The commencement of the disease itself is characterized by pain extending over the entire abdomen, but the great sensitiveness of the abdomen to pressure, which is almost characteristic of peritonitis, is limited to a circumscribed portion. Thus you see, gentlemen, it is by no means a trivial matter to have a sero-fibrinous pleurisy.

The upright position is best suited for eliciting the sign, and the pterion or a little behind it is the best place. Nux vomica is especially applicable in cases of recent debauchery and gluttony and of hard study and sexual excesses.

The curves, by means of which we represent upon paper the morning and evening fluctuations of temperature, usually show a wonderful degree of similarity, and we may infer the existence of a consumption from them with the same certainty with which we diagnose abdominal typhus or pneumonia. The diminution in the amount of iron, which is considerable, is explained by the deficiency in red blood-corpuscles. I Journal of Iowa State Medical Society Tlie maintenance of suitable temperature and humidity of the surrounding atmosphere is most important.

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