JOURNAL OF THE TENNESSEE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION recipients for their efforts to promote better general health and well-being in their respective communities. Pollock had eaten a hearty supper before he partook of it; the other two drank it upon empty stomachs, and ate their after they complained of sharp lancinating pain of stomach, burning sensation of the throat, with great nausea, which increased, and in a couple of hours they were seized with violent retching; the contents of their stomachs were mixed Tlie kernels of six antidotes (FeuicUa water, and given to each by the black dispenser, which acted as an emetic. The latter will best find its place in treating of digestion and diet. It was made possible by the far-sighted leadership of Dr. If the pupil be right, he is requested to prescribe aloud. Will be a notable diminution of the tenesmus and the inflamed tissues will be soothed and depleted. The Secretary presented the names of Fellows reported admitted since the last annual meeting, and of Fellows whose deaths had been recorded. Allen is active in the First Christian Church, the Johnson City Medical Center Hospital Foundation, the Hamilton Bank of Upper Tennessee, and the Johnson City Chamber of Commerce. The human mind cannot grasp the essence or intimate nature of anything.

Witkop reported that the genetic syndrome occurred principally among a collection of family groups in North Carolina and that it appeared to be similar to, and perhaps identical The Cennon type noraally involves the vaginal and anal mucosa; however, these sites were not affected in the group surveyed by the Department of Pathology, University of North Carolina Medical School, and other investigators from the Ophthalmology Branch of the National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Blindness.

Constant tendency to stupor; no cephalalgia; conjunctivas a little injected; skin cool and moist, but the patient fancies his hands are warm; tongue moist, cleaning at the tip and edges, whitish at the centre. The etiology of the acute renal failure was believed to include prerenal azotemia, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory' agents, and possibly his disseminated histoplasmosis.

None of the lower animals have simultaneous impulses sent from both eyes to the same centre as they are in man. Removed, and eight cups were applied in the evening with manifest advantage.

Referring to the American Society for the Control of Cancer, the author mentions that at a recent meeting, the Associated Gynecological Clinics of New York City adopted a synopsis for the education of the poor upon the subject of cancer of the uterus, and recommended to the Board of Associated Out-Patient Clinics of New York that it be printed on a card and given to every woman patient at all the clinics of the city. Also in innumerable cases of tuberculous foci throughout the bodv, in sinusitis, and in chronic infections generally. Where life is concerned, where friends, brothers, children, have to depend on our knowledge and the means we can conmiand, prejudice is hushed, lukewarmness can not enter; a remedy taken out of the street would soon work its way to universal favor. The raw meat should then be reduced or discontinued and a little lean ham or cooked lamb or chicken, chopped up, or a little boiled fish, tried. Story which he called"The Werewolf." When it was finished he laid it aside, and a year afterward entirely rewrote it. Ceptibility of the disease in persons going from cold to hot climates, and of the want of that susceptibility in the permanent residents in hot climates. A clinical, cytological and Two new species of Sepsisoma from Kansas (Diptera: Changes in serum proteins and other blood values associated with experimental Ostertagia ostertagi infections in Use of slide-latex test "" for detecting trichinosis in hogs. As Crile had said, in any case the operation was but a means to the end. Admitting the entire area of the colon to be five hundred inches, and nineteen thousand two hundred of these follicles, on an average, to exist on every inch square, the aggregate number will be nine millions six hundred thousand.

Our lawmakers should not allow themselves to be made the tools of designing or visionary individuals, even if supported, in apparent good faith, bv physicians of prominence, who may draw up measures without due regard to their ultimate effect on public welfare.

Also participating were nursing students at the Philadelphia General Hospital and the Presbyterian Hospital.

In addition to the director, the staff numbers four deaconesses and fourteen servants.

And here we wish to recall, for the information of the gentlemen who advocate this step, the fact, that the only time in the history of the Quarantine Service, when the Marine Hospital Service undertook to"strengthen" a State quarantine, was at Brunswick, Ga. It being the most powerful uterine tonic attainable, having direct action on the uterus, expelling blood clots, closes the uterine sinuses, contracting the womb and In severe cases fluid extract of ergot should be combined, one part to four of dioviburnia. From the small quantity of nitrogen it contains the nutritive power of the potatoe theoretically is very low.

Examination revealed a normal nose. Whether the changes begin at the level of the respective state governments, or with the various alumni associations, or at an individual level with you and me is not the question.

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