In fine, uterine" hydatids" are little pellucid sacs caused by a cystic change in the villosities of the chorion; ecchinoccocal" hydatids" are multilocular sacs of considerable firmness, which either communicate with the general cyst cavity, or are enclosed within one another, and are caused by the presence of animal The word" acephalocyst" has been applied to the sacs where no heads could be found, but it is now thought best to abandon it, because the absence of a head does not denote the absence of the animal, but rather its infrequency, sparseness, or imperfect development, as in a case mentioned by Heller, in which there were numberless sacs in the liver and lungs of a cow, and yet very few scolices or heads.

Advocates of these two therapeutic procedures hardly claim to be able to abort the disease, or, to any great extent, to lessen its entire duration.

Tubular drainage, while it has some haemostatic oozing surface being comparatively dry by reason of the liquid being taken away by that is secured by actual pressure by gauze, and by the action of iodoform upon should be careful to remove every particle of the intestine from the field he wishes to protect; and when he places the outer layer of gauze and presses it down to the bottom of the wounded surface, he should be careful he does not push the forceps through and injure the intestines or bladder.

These were very red and congested, the Malpighinan bodies showing plainly. (More data are required on this point.) amounts of iodin have been found in all cases. The obstetric teacher should also bear in mind that Stratz found plenty of contracted pelves among these primitive Tijdschrift voor Verloskunde en Gynecologic before the Lambton County Medical Society (Ontario), Doctor Newell presented a boy with a swelling of the wrist and little finger, that was thought to have started from an injury.

The lord noes morn all review the doctors and if we go to him fur noledge it ill be bettern jurnals.

But prevention is better than cure, and I venture to One of the most fruitful causes of starchindigestion is insufficient mastication and insalivation; the efficiency of after-digestion depends largely upon the thoroughness with which the food is chewed and mixed with medicine will compensate for the lack of Fresh bread or any food which is apt to orm into a doughy or gluey mass is imperious to the digestive juices and should be The diastase of the saliva is incapable of:hanging starch to sugar if either the starch breakfast foods and other starchy cereals,;herefore, should be well cooked, and vinegar Dickies should be sparingly used or salivary The thinner the gastric juice, the more neats and other proteins. So evanescent a rise in blood- pressure can have no appreciable effect either upon general metabolism or upon the metabolism of the myocardium.


About three-fourths the distance down the long heail a flat, ribbon-like fasciculus came off, which was carried up separately and blended with the fascial expansion of the pectoralis major upon the outer lip of the bicipital groove, which expansion is continuous with the joint-capsule. Twitching, rigidity of the neck and increased pulse and respiration, polyphagia or polydipsia, may suggest meningitis. These cases should have been seen by a good surgeon who would have stopped all opiates and let out the pus, applying the same surgical principles to this locality as to other parts of the body:"When you find pus, let it out." Appendicitis is a surgical disease, and the surgeon should see the case with the physician as soon as the diagnosis of appendicitis is made. In some cases the depression of thought is so marked as to indicate a state of feeble-mindedness. (v) A prompt fall in temperature after the eruption the stage of suppuration the danger parallels the height of the fever and the amount of efflorescence. THE ARCHIVES OF INTERNAL MEDICINE had known previous attack-. In unfavorable cases the dilatation early predominates without compensation, and this is apt.to be the case in persons enfeebled from other causes or when the valves are acutely attacked. I have stated that rheumatism is caused by a loaded condition of the system (by this I mean an excess ot uric acid and urates), plus an exciting cause, viz., cold and dampness; this exciting cause occasions an explosion, as it were, in this way: legit. De l'Electricite comme Agent therapeutique en We are pleased to call attention to the compliment paid to Dr.

According to the theory which the author developed on the subject at a recent meeting of the Academy of Medicine, malarious infection can determine congestive and inflammatory lesions in the nervous centres.

Under no circumstances allow yourself to be deluded into the belief that tonka beans in any proportion improve the flavor of vanilla. It stops the flow of synovia and is a counter Mix the oils of turpentine and croton, add the corrosive sublimate in fine powder and the camphor, and dissolve; then add, a little at a time, the sulphuric acid, taking care that the mixture does not become too hot and, when all has been added and the mixture has become cool, add the cottonseed oil, and mix them thoroughly.

The patient is often delirious, the pulse becomes rapid and small and fresh skin nodes develop, with ulceration or perhaps gangrene.

But a person who announces that he is the most skilful of surgeons in Dakota, or the greatest curer of spavins in all New England, or a graduate of more foreign and domestic colleges than anyone else in the public in a most offensive way. Under this favorable condition the digestive function soon resumes its normal activity.

The day the animal was removed, diphtheria, in its most violent form, broke out in his family, resulting in the death of two or three of life.

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