Climate remarkable for excessive humidity, variable, very rapid and extreme thermal changes. This product is added to the weight of the carbohydrates. He determines beforehand, on a survey of the requirements of the case, the time when the patient ought to be freed from the imperilling pregnancy, and may with confidence announce to her the term of her anxieties." It would indeed be fortunate for the accoucheur as well as the patient, were this by any means generally practicable; but although in some cases labour may be induced within a given period, not only without injury to the patient, but with positive advantage, still it must not be forgotten that an indiscriminate adoption of the practice cannot but occasionally, and perhaps frequently, lead to serious consequences. It is an efficient palliative remedy in local anodyne to inflamed joints. Another case is related in the same report, wherein a gunshot wound involving the upper part of the small intestines terminated in recovery.

From the upper part of the tumour a cartilaginous process went to the larynx, to which it was strongly attached. Some bands along the upper surface of the tumour adhered firmly to the margins of the ribs, and from the posterior aspect of the tumour, there were numerous bands which connected it to the ribs, close to the posterior edge of the liver, which was very much displaced upwards.

As a corollary to this it would seem only prudent to continue the employment of the specific treatment of the constitutional disease for a considerable period after the symptoms have disappeared, if we hope to obtain a We have already indicated that, in some cases the degree of structural change which has taken place in consequence of the progress of the disease, it is impossible to expect the function of the part to become restored, however carefully and persistently treatment may be employed. The larger the soil pipe the less the risk of any abnormal air pressure occurring by its use, so long as it is not likely to become encumbered by the accretion of solid matter. No matter how skilfully a scientist may pursue his studies, it is evident that greater advances can be made more rapidly and more certainly by a concerted attack upon a among men of different scientific The equipment of the Bureau of Mines for this kind of research work is extraordinarily excellent. At the end of two or three days recourse may be had to vapour baths administered every day or every two days.

It is not valuable chiefly because it permitted the discovery and filling of small breeding places rather than that the grass itself was a breeding or harboring place for the Anopheles.

Treatment the same as in geese. Unibt-Uiferse, naturalized in the U. Now, as life is one of the attributes of all matter, it follows that organic matter is simply cosmic matter organized, and their relation does not cease, but is only modified to a limited extent, and whatever has an influence upon inorganic must necessarily our relation to it must forever remain, whatever changes may await us. Ephemeris gives an analysis, containing some points the files of three Boston pharmacists.

Nigres'cens or fumig'a'tus, the most usual form of fungous growth in the external auditory canal and in pneumomycosis, characterized by its dark color; it develops into an Eurotium. When we have a case of migraine of a' typical kind, we, of course, waste no time in treating the sickness of the stomach, which bears the relation of effect rather than cause. Good results ai-e also obtained by the daily injection of one or two pints Jaundice may also be caused by the lodgment of a" gallstone," or a little solid biliary concretion, in the common bile duct, The patient is suddenly taken with intense pain in the right side just below the ribs and on a line with the nipple. Cer'ebri supe'rior, ascending spinal cord. Dr Handyside was surprised that acupressure, which presented so many advantages and so few disadvantages, had not been more extensively taken up, especially by hospital surgeons, who had such abundant opportunities of testing its merits. All declared it to be a fibroid.

The chances of recovery from bone tuberculosis are better than is the case with tuberculosis of the joints, skin, or internal organs. There are cases in which, though I am opposed to mechanical restraint in great measure, I should employ long-sleeved nightgowns, or even camisoles, rather than let them go from home before all means of cure had been tried at least for a few weeks' time. Author: many Robert Craik, Edinburgh, and Jean Dickson, Lauderdale, Scotland; years; thereafter demonstrator of Anatomy at Cambridge for five Physiology and Pathology of the Breast; New Researches on Cancers, etc., of the Breast; Bovine Tuberculosis in Man; Natural History of Cowpox; Jenner and Vaccination; History of Epidemics in Britain; Microscopic Researches on reviews Glycogen, two parts. Then other activities of adjustment take the place of the ones that have come to an end.

During the last seventeen years, two hundred patients have been operated upon by my colleagues and myself in Guy's Hospital. The absence of disease of the heart was no argument against the formation of the clot in that organ or some of the larger vessels, and he had little doubt from the history that tlie case had really been one of embolism. Their great use is in supplementing some other sport that has been kept up for ten months of the year and, perforce, dropped on the first fall of snow.

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