Those that escaped the disease were not predisposed to take it; hence their exemption trom its Prevention.

Pretense is to be avoided as to knowledge of what poisons really do in the body except in so far as they show gross results and effects. We should wash our teeth to get all the food from out of between our teeth. Mix in a bottle of ale or porter, and give in a drench out of a horn, or stout bottle.

It not only proclaims a duty, but requires by law the performance of the duty. Great care must be observed in preventing a tendency to increase of arterial tension, as indicated by the pulse.

The reaction on the part of the body confines itself to a lymphocytic infiltration around the fungus, and later the formation of granulation tissue, with epithelioid and giant cells at times; while, finally fibrous tissue is formed around the fungus and its surrounding cells and the vessels become blocked by an endarteritis and periarteritis This appears to be an attempt to encapsule and prevent the spread of the parasite, as well as to damage it by cutting off its At the same time the cellular exudate becomes a thin, oily, occasionally stinking, pus, and works its way to the surface forming In the meanwhile the parasite, if of certain species, forms special club-shaped hyphee considered to be chlamydospores, which at first serve for extracting nutrition from the surrounding leucocytes, but later breaking free from the main mass, form means of asexually Drop'agating the fungus in the foot. Cases in epizootics of influenza have scarcely required any medical treatment.

The early settlers did not use"is" for"are" but usually pronounced the Littor"air." And they did not say"yer" for"you," though they often used it for"your," Another theory, almost as popular as these, derives the word from"hussar," and this theory, in its various forms, harks back to a Col. When the eyeball was immersed in mercurous-chlorid-alcohol solution, the cornea turned grey, while the swelling's showed as chalky white masses. They helped us most liberally with donations of money, and in useful gifts as the appended statement will show. Result of inflammation, either acute or chronic. At some of the schools they are placed on tlie same footing in reg-ird to obtaining the appointments of House- Physician and House-Surgeon as students who have attended the hospital throughout.

In cold, influenza and fever, the appetite is bad and with their removal it will be restored. The cultured and the unlettered, the powerful and the humble, vied with one another to do him honor. This may or may not be so, but certainly the more insight into personality the worker has the While everyone, in his ordinary experience of life, learns much about the personalities of the individuals with whom he is in contact, certain special knowledge will be necessary for a person dealing with the anomalous or abnormal personalities. Many responses of interest Several reports of adverse criticism were received during the year which, of course, means a certain form of interest and invariably an invitation to investigate the object of the Club. There is intolerance to hght; hence the pupils will be generaUy found to be contracted, and the patient, to avoid the strong hght stimulus, may go about with the head downwards. One of his earliest recollections was that of the great awe, respect, and admiration that he entertained for the Mayor and Corporation in the very little Welsh town from which he originally came; and he thought that to have to propose the toast of the Mayor and Corporation of the great City of Bristol was more than he could actually stand. The smallest abrasion is sufficient for the entrance of the virus. There is a patients, it is obvious that she must relegate a great part of what are properly her duties to the inefficient pauper helps. During the next five years, there is a much greater division, and everything has been included which could have any bearing on the subject of appendicitis.

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