The way in which it brings down its patients varies iu different parts of the line and according to the amount of iighting in progress.

At this time the uterus was in a tonic spasm; introduced into the vagina and two fingers into the uterus.

A large rubber drainage tube was inserted several inches into the uterus and about it were packed strips of medicated gauze. Septal deformities are amenable to treatment by operative procedure and this is the point that I especially wish to insist For surgical treatment of deviation of the septum, the method most frequently followed by the majority of rhinologists is submucous resection of the septum.

Neither the finger nor the probe could detect any diseased bone, nor any pouches or passages leading to other parts. Several recurrences of hemorrhage took place, and eleven days after this second observation he Of the fatal cases the following explanation should be made: Crampton evidently attributed the failure of his operation to the employment of an animal ligature, which was of catgut, and" had been dissolved by the heat and moisture of the wound and thrown off before the obstruction of the artery or the coagulation of the blood in the aneurismal sac had been completed. Irish anthropologists have gone to the opposite extreme; leading from Spain and Brittany through the Irish Sea to Scandinavia. Chronic suppuration of the middle ear. Of my two hundred and ninety-three cases one hundred and fifty-seven were males and one hundred and thirty-six were females, but the most severe cases were undoubtedly found among the males. Qualified membei b ent thesi ubjeel I the d in no wi ii th th ico ptance of voluntary papers from any other parties who might offer them in due time, but it would be q in something of special interest for each session of the Sections.

It was found that those puppies that did not receive iodin developed thyroid hyperplasia, while the thyroids of those that received the milligram once a week remained normal, although the iodized and control puppies were kept in the same kennels and fed with the same kind of food.

On the other hand, the same sensation, when produced in the mouth by solutions containing menthol or peppermint, was explained by a supposed astringent effect. Is used to signify grammes, the French decimal There remains for lungs and skin In order to prove the correctness of our calculation founded on this consumption of nitrogen we use the computation of the relative loss by the The (log consumed from his body There remain for skin and lungs The amount of animal heat generated gives us another proof; for every units of heat are generated according to the researches of Yon Favre and A second experiment of three days yields similar results. No feature in the clinical history of the disease was more constantly dwelt on by the old writers than the occurrence of night sweats.

The second attack came on after eating rather heartily of pineapple on Saturday night.

This stage should not be precipitated.

In the study of sedimented urine for tubercle bacilli, Ellerman and Erlandsen's method of sputum examination is sodium carbonate to the sediment and digestion for twenty-four hours. Carefully we planned for every man to meet at Pleasant and Saratoga Streets, rush for the hospital steps, gain our positions, and the photographer will pass in an automobile, snap to say, as we rushed for the steps the"Sophs" sprung from God only knows where, and our attempt at picture-taking was We had heard much about the dissecting room, how one must cut up a human body, and not at all did it seem a pleasant task.

He had a very severe attack last Sunday, lasting over four hours, which made him consent very readily to consultation, a few nights ago, a woman having eclamptic attacks.

A carbolized solution permanently corrected it. Link, of Terre Haute, said that for many he hid not used any extension or countei ex tension in treatment of fractures of the femur, nor body and the leg upon the thigh, everting the limb and putting it in a position of muscular relaxation on of the limb in treatment of fractures of the femur, was to be found in the relaxation of the psoas ili n us muscles.

Second Gastroscopy: The same tumor was present, but the wall was now higher and more rounded. What is perhaps more remarkable is the fact that none of the important viscera showed any abnormal pigmentation of the melanotic type.

This I am convinced is not confined to the anatomy of the organ, but also involves iis function. The left cardiac dulness was slightly outside the midclavicular line. There was one thing that struck me i with considerable interest, and I don't know what bearing it may have.

The pain radiated through to the right midabdomen.

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