Edward Sutton was a surgeon in the northern department during the Abriham Peet, a native of Bethlehem, Conn., after studying his profession, settled at Canaan, where he had a large practice. This reaction The Colloidal Gold Chlorid reaction is one of our most valuable laboratory test in the examination of cerebro-spinal fluid. Further on, Martial, in one of his epigrams, denounces a celebrated beauty, famed for sculptural form and features, as dangerous for young men to approach, but he does not specify the nature of her professional malady. In the face it tends to form burrowing abscesses instead of recognizable Some observers believe that the peribronchial lymphatic vessels and glands disseminate the fungus or its spores in bronchitis and pain in the left side, but from this recovery had apparently taken persisted, the patient was put in a bath of weak iodine and under iodide of death occurred under chloroform administered for the extraction of a tooth. When of independent origin, if a hypertrophic rhinitis attacks the same patient, the rosacea is often incurable until the intra-nasal disease is properly treated. In the cases where these means were employed, the immediate relief to the distressing intolerance of light was very manifest; but it does not appear to have produced any material alteration in same subject;! and says that he has employed this means largely to enable him to examine and manipulate on the eyes of young children affected with strumous much more easily produced in young children than in adults.

Is injected, of a bright-red color, is thickened, and thrown into longitudinal folds.

Some months or one or two years after recovery the scar becomes painful as cause; the pain becomes more or less intense and continuous, and is often accompanied by attacks of exacerbation. These remarks so closely resemble the ideas which we have expressed that we need not dwell any further on the matter, but will merely remind the reader of what one of us wrote:" The hysterical subject always behaves as if he were partly able to control his disease, and as if his sincerity was not absolute; contrary to the epileptic he hardly ever has a fit, except under certain circumstances, and almost always recovers from the attack without being injured by the convulsions which frightened the bystanders; though a prey to terrifying hallucinations, he does not, like the alcoholic in his hallucinations, commit acts which are dangerous to himself; though he has a very deep thermal anaesthesia, he will not expose himself to the risk of being burnt Hke the syringomyelic, and a narrowing of the visual field, however pronounced it is, will not prevent him walking about and avoiding obstacles, as it would if the visual constriction were organic. Used as directed it will be found invaluable when a tonic stimulant is required, will bring a special container with samples for quickly and satisfactorily controlled by Prompt and efficient in action, this dependable analgesic not only affords Ibe anodyne effect desired, but without deranging digestion, locking up the secretions, producing constipation, or Thus it is that Phenalgin has supplanted opium and its derivatives for the relief of Headache, Neuralgia, Disorders of the Female Phenalgin is" the one dependable analgesic-the logical a part of their time selling Capell's Iodine gatters and other things on Commission.

The tumor was first noticed two years before my visit She had been an invalid for twenty years, and now as she rests in a half sitting position, the I Reported in full in Transactions Ohio radial pulse is barely perceptible. From all we know of Koch, we are ready to believe that this announcement is practically equivalent to a proclamation of success; and yet we are to remember that he is not infallible, however skillful and honest The world is agog for Koch's proclamation. Arthritis, Case of rheumatic perityphlitis showing much tenderness in the right iliac fossa, but no tumor or dullness; with arthritis. Wyatt Johnston exhibited the stomach and intestines from two fatal cases of poisoning, one being from pans green, the other from sulphate of copper. Between thirty and forty nurses have been graduated and with possibly one or two exceptions all have passed the examinations of the State Nurses Board with creditable averages or high honors. Frbbman: I perfectly agree with Dr. Her symptoms were extreme prostration and restlessness; absence of pain in the abdomen; violent vomiting and purging, with bloody stools; no salivation; urine naturally secreted; intense inflammation of the vulva. Although weak she felt better in eveiy way and continued to improve for several days, so that I allowed her light farinaceous food in addition to the milk. It is had as a white, deliquescent salt, possessed of the usual pungent Lithium bromide presents much the same physical properties as the foregoing; is sharp and bitter to the taste, white, granular, odorless, and the most difficult of all the salts to keep, owing to Potassium bromide appears as colorless, odorless, cubical, translucent, nonhygroscopic crystals of bitter, pungent, saline taste, and contains an average of than its potassic congener, and, though it has characteristic bromine taste, it is most palatable of all the salts, and the best borne by the stomach, though this latter claim has been disputed in favor of strontium bromide. This sliver of glass was found between the stomach and liver, none of the parts being scratched.

He also noticed that it happened at the very lowest and saddest times of his life.

The amount of cream is proved but in proportion to her small size good, its peculiar richness and color make it of great importance in giving character to the milk of a dairy.

It occurs in the form of a white powder, without odor, insoluble in all liquids, and is very stable and not easily altered. Under the general editorial charge of Volume VII. He was president of the State Medical Society and for nearly fifteen years was a State-senator.

Small, but repeated, venesections are highly recommended for the paroxysmal dyspnoea and from pain, lasting nine months in one case. This classification, attractive though it may seem, should not be adopted, for the reason that the psychical disorders of the various stages of war do not differ sufficiently from one another either in their clinical characters or etiology. Minkowsky Suprarenal extract in dogs stimulates the vagus centre, thus inhibiting the heart.

On the second or third day large blisters appear in the mouth and between the hoofs; these soon breaking leave raw ulcerations; sometimes so severe as to cause the hoofs to fall off and the bones of the feet to decay. Now it is under such circumstances as these that the immense majority of cases of shock due to organic lesions occur, arising from areas of softening or haemorrhage in the brain or cord, or meningeal haemorrhages.

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