Russell de Alvarez, Moderator Dr. He confessed that he would have been grateful to have learned from Dr.


Additional information obtained in the study will be reported at a later date.

The seventh, clearer part He called water, and the other six "" dried parts, or coagulated portion. The respiratory murmur is heard all over the chest, But under the right clavicle it is harsh and exaggerated, and the vocal resonance greatly i.

His well-attuned ear detects the faintest discord in the vital harmonies, and the varving phases of morbid action cannot escape the searchings of his aided visiou.

Complete laceration of the perineal body through the sphincter ani into the rectum and up the rectovaginal septum for varying degrees involves an entirely different proposition from that which has thus far been under consideration. Thus every form of treatment which had been found of use had as its basis the keeping of the free hydrochloric acid as low as possible. He continued to work till aboul four months ago, when the cough became more severe; be had much dyspnoea, and frequent profuse expectoration, especially at night. Ashliurst in the International Encyclopsedia of probable that the next ten years will witness in all well-managed hospitals a decided diminution in the TWO CASES OF GENERAL CHRONIC PROCTITIS CAUSED BY RETROVEnSION OP THE UTERUS WITH PROLAPSE OF RIGHT OVARY IN THE FIRST CASE, BY SIMPLE RETROVERSION OP THE UTERUS WITH CHRONIC ENDOMETRITIS IN THE SECOND CASE. After vomiting the headache became somewhat better, and entirely disappeared before the next morning ( It is, of course, impossible for a chronic ulcer to heal in a month, as the acute variety is hardly healed before this time, so that I think the treatment should extend over a period of six weeks, during which the patient is confined to bed, and a further six weeks during which he is allowed to get up. - he wished to urge most emphatically that unless the operation findings showed the existence of organic disease It seems fated that the operation of gastro-jejunostomy should lie associated with bogies. Electrical reaction showed quantitative changes in faradism and galvanism on the right side, but no R. They gave for the most part a white precipitate; in no case a red precipitate. The paralysis seemed to reach its height at once and straightway began to improve, some motion of the legs being possible on the following day.

The left lung was universally condensed, and on section was seen to contain a large quantity of tubercle, generally in masses the size of a pea and larger. CARCINOMA OF THE MAMMARY GLAND Of the tumors affecting the breast, carcinoma is by far the most investigations show that it is increasing in frequency, and while this increase may be due partly to a more careful scrutiny of cases, evidence of an indubitable nature has accumulated to show that there is an actual and not merely an apparent increase. Now in the first place I believe that posterior colpotomy, and for that matter anterior colpotomy, is and always should be considered at the beginning as an exploratory operation. The upper fragment is strongly supinated by the biceps and the supinator brevis, while the biceps also flexes and draws the fragment forward.

Naval posts, has located in Yakima and is now associated with Victor E. The peripheral nervous system, as well as tbe spinal cord, offers no increases. Exotics, however vigorous, seldom continue to "" thrive. A Primer for Nursing Instructor, University of Illinois, and Marjorie the operation and values of the child guidance clinic in the community and to clear up any misconceptions about psychiatry and child guidance.

In Le Proyres Medical (.July oth) a short article by Fere speaks of some of these cases.

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