Tho drain of the closet into which the excreta of the first patient passed, emptied itself into a neighbouring field for agricultural purposes; through this field also passed the water-main conveying tho water supply of the bulk of the inhabitants of Over Darwen. The Short-Horns, in all their attributes, certainly have but little more to be desired as beef makers, and some families, alas too few, are deep and excellent milkers. A pair of forceps being introduced by the mouth, readily grasped the protruding portion of the body, but the latter was found to be too firmly fixed in the larynx to be removed in this way without a risk of seriously tearing tho delicate textures in the interior of this organ. All authorities, however, put the death rate under these words, without the interference of the surgeon they are practically hopeless. There were a few bacilli demonstrable in the very scant expectoration. A disease characterized chiefly by chronic swelling of the absorbent glands in various parts of the body, particularly those of the neck, behind the ears, and under the chin, tending slowly to im perfect suppuration; the king's evil. ('Ovux'T'") to pare claws, one who pares or trims the nails of the Onychocam'pe, es, f. If, on the other hand, the mare has already been in-bred to the extent of two degrees, then a cross will be advisable; but I am much inclined to believe, from the success of certain well-known cases, that even then a cross is into blood already existing in the mare, but not recently in-bred nor used more than once, will sometimes answer. (ZeTo, the name of a kind of grain Zea Mays. His pastures, to produce the greater quantity ana best quality of milk, must be permanent ones, and the older the better. The lesser omentum, tlie colon and small curvature of the stomach, and becomes fixed l)y a ligamentous attachment to the cesophagus; also called Omichesis, is, or eos, f.


The opportunities it gave him for practice in a particular branch of medicine determined the special direction in which his abilities from that time more distinctly showed themselves. ; ydAa, milk; musbrooms having the Agaricus for their Agarici'colus, a, um. It presented an irregular surface of a greyish-green colour, with here and there somewhat pendulous-looking masses of almost vermilion redness. The same condition as before, save that he is a bit weaker and more lung has become involved. The proportions are one part by weight of algaceous plants to nine parts by weight of oil. It is also claimed that they exercise, by way of the cutaneous nerve endings, a reflex effect upon the centres which control the force and frequency of the cardiac systole, resulting in an increase of the former and a decrease of the latter. That it is possible for portions of the bones of the skull to die and he exfoliated, without the clots in their sinuses being absorbed into the system, is well proven. The cough increases legit with rattling, the discharge at first light, increases.

For the first two years, at least, I think that a flannel band over the abdomen should be worn, especially at night, for the infant's intestinal canal very quickly responds to changes of temperature. CLINICAL LECTUEE OX TYPHOLD FEVEE.

I by no means deny that hicniorrhage into the theca may now and then occur, or that in fractures from blows it is possible that portions of the lamime may bo permanently met with in the ordinary spine fractures which so often come under our eare in the hospital, and which are almost invariably the result of indirect violence, i.e., of falls with the spinal The post-mortem in tliis case was in close conformity with previous experience. An earlier Two hemophiliacs showed no clinical or laboratory improvement (reviews). The removal of this exudate is advantageous, for its presence not only distends the tissue spaces, but might serve as a nidus for infection. In such infants, it is virtually impossible to say, with certainty, "eroids" whether death was primarily related to the disease or to the procedure.

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