The left auricle was penetrated in one case, the right ventricle in six cases, the left ventricle in fifteen cases. Here we can soar to our heart's delight and hurl our darts against the world we call distorted. Mist." gives rise to conscious and unconscious recommendation of a ijarticular pharmacist might also be made, and that to take advantage of the fact that hia refusal to dispense them leads to personal loss is, to say the From the point of view of Vae patient, tlie objection, over ami above that which is both his and the pharmacist's, is t!ie choice" promised by the Act), the probable running backward and forward for copies or further" particulars of the prescriptions, and the very real danger of obtaining the medicine belonging to someone of the same name, or of getting a preacriptioa dispensed that has been superseded by one of more recent Mr. When we find an infectious disease gradually dying away at a certain season, year after year, notwithstanding that during the preceding months of its maximum prevalence the dissemination of its infection must have been at the highest, it is clear that there must be at work some influence, we know not what, but something connected with the season to account for the phenomenon, and we cannot but believe that an infection accidtptaljv imported during that given reason, as also happens every year, the disease begins to spread, notwithstanding that the foci of infection must be at the minimum, we have to admit that there is again in our ignorance of its exact nature we have to up at such season of the year more potent for evil than at present outbreak has occurred at the very bottom of the curve, when, under ordinary circumstances smallpox is at the minimum. The only point which seems to me insufficiently discussed is the possibility of repair and the methods by which this may be attained without surgical interference. Bazett in respect of the The Chairman of the Medical Benefit Subcommittee stated that a writ had been received at the instance of The Committee, however, proceeded to consider an urgency report by the Subcommittee, which stated that a Insurance Commissioners with reference to the unallotted The Commissioners wrote that they understood that some members of the Committee were oppressed by considerations of the possible liabilities to which they might become subject if the unallotted funds were distributed.

On the fifth day the father and brother came down with severe initial symptoms; the mother also did not feel well, but The initial stage lasts three days, not longer.

Statistics should be secured and presented, as they are the best evidence we can bring to prove its value, and this Society is the proper body to bring this matter to the city's attention. If, on the other hand, she have ventured to postpone the ritual coition until her husband's return it is then performed without the purification ceremony. The author describes the process necessary for the observation of this parasite. Is it possible by the vaginal route to do all the reconstruction work necessary which can be done by the abdominal route? limited extent there will be found the cardinal symptoms of inflammation localized about the field of operation. She had pneumonia, was cared for by Dr. In order to overcome this difficulty, I had made upon the outer surface of either joint a series of nine small cogs into which a peg on the end of a spring lever would successively fit:

But evidence similar to his comes from all parts of the world, demonstrating beyond peradventure that actinotherapy, properly applied, is the best conservative treatment for this entire class of affections. No intravenous injection was given. This is the point at which the editor should appear as counselor and friend and advise a postponement or a touch here, an amplification, verification or condensation there. Nevertheless this extraction should be attempted only when fully justified by the gravity of the functional troubles resulting from the foreign body, and the insufficient results obtained from the palliative measures. Kirker claims for his apparatus that it can be sltmg or suspended, carried as an ordinary stretcher, wheeled, barrow-fashion, on casters at the ends of the carrying handles which are hinged so as to fall back under either end of the cot to permit of its being trundled along the deck or passage ways, slid on its sleigh attachments down ladders or other inclines, or suspended from the head end perpendicularly; for lowering down narrow hatchways, etc., the occupant The contrivance of Fleet-Surgeon Kirker, which is a modification of M.

An extremely offensive odor, like that of rotten eggs, surrounded the patient, and, in coughing, small quantities of greyish fetid matter were brought up. In very rare cases this remedy does not produce sleep, usually in forms of insanity. He had taken the pus from two with a hypodermic needle, and had scraped out two or three of these abscesses. Everything was done to enhance the health, comfort, and interest of students.

In Chicago and its suburbs, there has likewise been a conjunctivitis prevalent, one might say epidemic, during the middle of the past winter, at a time, however, when dust could not be accused of being the cause. K MEETING of the Executive Committee of the General Donald MacAlister, President, was in the chair. The Council expressed its sincere sympathy with flie Treasurer in his illness and an earnest hope for his speedy Resignations.

After certain ceremonies, including and bring the soul of the paddy seed, what is described as"a downright indecent rough and tumble" follows, in which men and women boys and girls all indiscriminately join, pelting one another with rice boiled in soot and with filth.

They drew lip a petition to the legislature which was stigmatised by the irreverent assemblymen as" an advertising dodge of the doctors," and the assembly member for which, he being a physician, has been stigmatised by the practitioners as a traitor to his profession, who was to present it, failed to do so. But these are not enough to serve as a basis for the diagnosis of acidosis.

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