Urinary disorders for twelve years. The wisdom tooth was certainly the coupon cause of this cyst.

Bertherand, of Alger, a memoir, which that physician submits to the examination of the society, desiring it to transmit to him the opinion of the society on the facts referred to their consideration. The superficial situation of the organ, the ease with which hgemorrhage is controlled, the flaps are united, and the dressings applied, all tend to make partial or complete extirpation of the breast a tempting field for the young surgeon. The absence of lesion of the kidneys, or at all events of permanent lesion of these organs, in cases of haamoglohinuria may be due to the morbid change being quite transitory, but what the real nature of the lesion may be is as yet undetermined. The medicine was continued three times a day until the end of gestation. Observe that the muscles of the thighs, arms and back are beginning to atrophy. Health Commission, proposing a committee of the Association to memorialize Congress for the establishment of the fever epidemic of that year emphasized the need for some action by our government. If a bone is broken and the surrounding soft tissues are injured, we attempt to keep it protected by immobilization for a time, until Nature has had an opportunity to rearrange the structures disarranged by traumatism.

In these cases the brain is apt to suffer as well as the spinal eord, and it is not always easy to nnravel the nepectiTe symptoms eases there are, in all probability, no morbid changes that would be discoverable. This adulterated soap may be readily detected by its specific gravity, it being so much heavier bulk, for bulk, than the performing a series of most interesting researches, with the object of making out what time it takes for a soluble mercurial salt, when introduced through the stomach, code to be detected in the urine, saliva, and sweat. He entered the medical school at Bristol; and when it is told that no other door to the temple of medicine was open to the poor scholar, the provincial schools have more than justified their existence. To me reviews it seems that the present New York State law regarding the registration of nurses is not a success. The same food elements are requisite, but in varying proportions of protein, fat, carbohydrates, and salts in accord with the increasing age of the child. If more space is needed it should be obtained by sub-periosteally removing, with a small chisel, a portion or all of the posterior inferior iliac spine, since access to the deeper part of the joint is more readily obtained by this process than by removal of part of the sacrum.

The material used in the present study was obtained from the military establishments in the neighborhood of Fort Sam Houston, Texas.

We learn from the British Medical Journal, the Lancet, the Asclepiad, and other English journals that it excited and its uses so manifold, and its cost so reasonable, in this countrj' and, as we hope, now in England.

At first this should be done by the practitioner, or by a competent nurse; but subsequently many patients loam to use snppositoried themselves without any difficulty. Again, medical men and midwires not unfrequently contract syphilis by attending diseased women in labour; and surgeons by examining or almost endless variety. Presumably the usual number of healed tubercles was encountered that occurs in autopsies on persons dying of other diseases and hence are not considered to be of any importance in the present discussion.

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