Then open incision will find its legitimate place What are the advantages of the operation? i.

Elastic tubing is used, and it is tightened daily until the tumour falls off, which is generally about the twelfth to the eighteenth day. It is for this reason that diagnosis should be made by the little finger, and not, in cases of rigid cervix at all events, by the index finger. By direction of the Secretary of War, on being relieved Macauley, C. There was a large attendance and addresses were made by Ex.-President Eliot of last-named said the society had started eight years ago with a small membership, and today while similar societies, inspired by Dr. I asked where the lecture-rooms were, and he said they had no occasion for one, as students had not yet materialized, and the clinics were only for the benefit of the poor.

Strictly and earefiillyi as to his physical capacity for the service, and the Board will make a separate report in each case, which will be forwarded direct to the Department, to be placed on file with the testimonials of the candidate. The operator stands at the right side of the frame and commences applying the wet bandages. It is well also to note here that the date of the Von Pirquet test was seldom recorded, and it is possible that the blood count on some of these cases was taken on the day or two in which the slight reaction from the tfst occniTcd. Exceptional results are often obtained by the use of salicylate of may induce dilatation of every degree up to the size of the specimen shown in a case reported by Dr.

As one of his relatives aptly described the case,"He seems to get sun burned in the spring and then has this trouble.

Autre que bleue ou noire) Tight binding may causa shadows or distortion La rellure serrte paut causer de I'ombre ou de la distortion la long da la marge intAriaura Blank leaves added during restoration may appear within the text. Leith Napier, of London, considered Dr.


The sheet is bound with the An important space on the card is that marked"special." In it are written special items from the clinical notes which are not in the printed mayo outline, often observations by members of the staff. Dilated follicles known by this name. He was very pale and of slight build.

The result of the change was that muscles of feet and legs became very tired with additional continuous work they were suddenly compelled to do, and finally one fatigued ankle was so badly twisted that some of the small ligaments of the foot were injured, ecehymoses appearing beneath the skin.

Brownies - defect of vision in which a colored ring is seen around Irradiation (Eerahdeeahssidn). The author has obtained remarkable results in cases of intercostal neuralgia, rheiunatic pains of the shoulder, lumbago, and severe pain in other parts of the body. Beira, although in Portuguese territory, is the port of entry of Rhodesia, Cecil Rhodes having built a railroad from Bulawayo in Southern Rhodesia to the coast of Beira in order to find a shorter route for commerce than that to Cape Town. The peculiar anatomical construction of spongy bone, which is so very vascular, leads to a slowing of the blood-current, and favors, therefore, the heaping up of infectious matter brought there in the blood.

The beds are only a few inches high, and on the floor mattresses are spread; so that a fall out of bed is not likely to be attended with serious results.

There was no connection between the cause of death and their empyema.

North, who had charge of an experiment by the New York Milk Committee, at Homer, N.

The exchange of help at threshing and shredding time in neighborhoods where there is an ontbreak of hog-cholera is the potato most common method of spreading the disease. Adhesive plaster supports were put on the ankles and larger, better shaped shoes with lower heels were weeks vtdth symptoms increased, having been obliged to give up wearing the prescribed shoes on account of the greater discomfort which they produced. Pro'prius, soluble in chloroform, colored red by sulphuric acid, blue by alkalies; doubtfully Pyogen'ic or Pyogenet'ic ( No rales are heard and no dullness is perceived. Today it is my turn to delightful country.

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