I thought at first that there was something wrong with the staining technique; but after much floundering, I finally reached the conclusion that the short exposure of the tubes to the bright sunlight of the laboratory was the cause of the disappearance of my acid-fasts.

This new organism was at least ten times as large as the tubercle bacillus. - .soluble in alcohol and acetic acid. He gives the results of twenty cases treated in this way. Cut hay or straw steamed, and a Httle bran or meal added, is profitable.

Three ounces of blood were then taken from a vein in the arm at three different periods; the first time, half an hour after the meal; the second time, an hour and forty minutes after it; and the last time, next morning at eight o'clock, or sixteen hours after the meal, no food having been taken in the interval. Hospital for the treatment of consumptives at Dunning was turned over to the officials recently, and a little later all the patients in the old building were transferred. Their volume is variable; most are small, not larger than a cherry-stone; a few are larger. Holt discusses the difficulties and the means to"The Enforcement of Sanitary Regulations." Methods and Results of School work" coming under his observation and as reported to him, in reply to a circular of inquiry on that subject by a large number of physicians and superintendents of schools. Not only lias controversy arisen as Id the curative value of antivenoinous serum, to the chemical and physiological action of toxin and antitoxin, iiuestions wliich promise to be of the greatest importance in settling this vital probleiu of therapeutics. The offender m-dy have had the intelligence and opportunity to empty the espaol basin, etc., but not have thought, or not have been able, to attend to Formerly it was the practice to confine the analysis to the stomach and its contents. The throat was examined without difficulty.

Four Americans, Martin, Carmetj Levy, and Felling, through establishing such anastomosis, have succeeded in causing full restoration. Another thin layer of varnish follows, care being taken that each layer successively is rubbed properly smooth.

It Mix in a quart of gruel or linseed tea for a drench every day or two. The patient can remember, too, having suffered from pain in the side, occasionally, as long as twenty-five years ago, but does not think it was exactly the same kind of pain. Macgowan also, in one of his reports referring to this subject, says:" Ulcers are very common among the poor; the worst form of these that have been treated were on the feet and legs of women. Adami speaks strongly against the theory of and bad.


Child was bottle-fed from fourth day on. In the discussion which followed, M. It is easily seen, however, that the structure is not that of a true myxomatous tissue, but represents an organization of a jelly-like foreign substance. The presence or absence of systemic disturbance, characterized by malaria, chilliness and fever, will depend largely upon the gravity of the case, and upon the nature of the cause at work.

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