Another advantage of radium is that the output is constant, and the dosage can be exact. None of her people were subject to nervous or mental diseases. As regards the effects on special symptoms and on the general health, it is noted that all the patients treated, both tubercular and anesthetic, said that they felt better and stronger as a result of the treatment, that their appetites had improved, and that they were able F. William Wood and Company,, Mr. The patient quietened down markedly, usually going to sleep, and the temperature rapidly fell, considerably sometimes below normal. A complaint generally sudden in its invasion and fatal in its character. The acupressure apparatus consisted of a long needle passed on one side of the pedicle, and twice transfixing the stalk, and on the other side, of a strongish wire looped over each end of the needle, and drawn sufficienty tight. Between the upper and under cartilaginous surfaces there is a rough fossa for the insertion of the capsular ligament. Phrenitis is, of course, a very dangerous affection, from the importance of the organ concerned. Prolonged rest in bed during the puerperium is imperative until involution is complete and compensation has become well established. If we now analyse the series of morbid changes which took place in this patient, we shall find that the rheumatic aff"ection almost simultaneously attacked the joints and the internal coat of the veins, respecting the endocardium; so that we had endophlebitis in place of endocarditis. They doubtless vary greatly; but may be briefly'summarized as combining in various proportions, both relatively and positively, imperfect digestion of the alimentary matters received into the intestine, excessive secretion of more or less watery mucus, increased peristaltic movements with griping pains, looseness of bowels with discharge of watery, or yeasty, or otherwise unhealthy and offensive evacuations, and innutrition from the imperfect absorption writers generally, and for the most part also by those of more recent times, the simple unqualified name"Enteritis" has been used to signify a special group of symptoms associated with the presence of a more or less extensive tract of intensely inflamed bowel. The danger of a tough cicatrix, spoken of by actively going on, and the gums are much inflamed, lancing them will frequently do If there be any fever, some simple febrifuge medicines may be given. The mass in the vessel may form a (thrombus, which may itself go to some distant part, or it may give off cells or smaller processes, which in their turn, travel with the blood stream and so give rise to new foci of disease. Greatly.' Per'turbating treatment, (F.) Methode ou Medecine pertiirbatrice; a mode of treatment in which very active means are employed, and such as impress upon diseases a different course from that natural to them. Within a few years there have been discovered the facts that this disease may be transmitted to animals, and that various insects, chiefly the stable fly, may carry the infection, and its parasitic cause, a protozoan probably akin to that causing rabies, has been isolated and cultivated.

On exploration the rupture was found to lead into the cellular tissue outside the vaginal wall and into a cavity extending upward alongside the cervix and lower uterine segment and base of the left broad ligament about twelve cm. They resemble small cones; the base being towards the tongue and the apex free.

Have any of our readers ever been laid up for I weeks with any serious illness? if so, they will I readily appreciate the importance of good nursing; and, those, who, like ourselves, can look back on weeks of illness, spent in distant lands, far away from home comforts, the convenienccB of civihzation, and the kindness and sympathy of friends, can especially understand what is meant by the phrase, a good nurse. Their nerves are derived from the infra-orbitar, coupon Lips, La'bia. It is two balls, and is used to the code parotid region, after the extirpation of the parotid gland. Even in rheumatic conditions where a focus of infection cannot be found it would be well to try the acid on the presumption that the focus of infection may be along the digestive tract or gall bladder, for the acid is the best intestinal antiseptic.

Serotherapy was logical and they should give Dr. The effect of food is also most invariably to bring on or to aggravate pain already existing.

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