Oil was injected beyond the stone. Exercise reduces the protein percentage. The false membrane appears first on one tonsil, covering it entirely, and thence spreading to the pillars, to the pharynx, and to the opposite tonsil, enveloping the uvula as in a sheath, is reproduced after removal, and is found to cover an erosion, sometimes even an ulcer of the mucous membrane. These substances may not, like those first mentioned, be split up by enzymes in the blood. He had no burning desire to extend civilization for civilization's sake, but only as it meant power to himself. Those situated posteriorly, on the other hand, although seldom perforating into the abdominal cavity were prone to inaugurate complications such as pancreatitis, common duct obstruction and duodenal stenosis, which might eventually prove quite as dangerous as the acute perforation. The scientific and physiological aspects of fatigue described in this Memorandum might well have been realized in times of peace, and we ought not to have had to wait until the war arrived for the outlining of j)ractical remedies and the regulation of hours of labor, so that the health of the worker might be conserved and the fruits of his toil increased. Is chiefly dependent upon a morbid habit; but even here Asthma, thev reviews vk ill derive a ereat advantage from an union with'General diaphoretics, as the neutral salts, and small doses of ipecacuan, or antimonial powder. The beer-drinking Bulgars were more than a match for the dry Turks. Intrigue is the pet distinctive sin in that country. Writer's experience, no treatment affects favourably the purpuric lesions which mark the grave which are a factor in febrile heart-failure and occur in an extreme degree in some cases of Diphtheria, Scarlet Fever and Typhoid Fever are covered as to treatment by Part VI. Various kinds of diseases were once classified under the head of leprosy, and finally, by exclusion, confined to a definite group due to a specific bacillus.


Either thf C;inivli;in Medical Associarion has not o-one about this matter in the riglit way, or some interests must block the scheme. I prefer the method described and the long tube. The caffein of tea or coffee when accepted generally by the whole civilized world, probably means that it is useful in moderate quantities, and the fact even suggests that perhaps these stimuli overcome some of the depressing effects of bacteria common to all civilized people.

But w must be cautious how we predict a speedy termination of tnt tabor, for many circumstances which we can not at the time discover, may concur to deceive us, and nothing will tend more to render the patient anxious, and robs us of her confidence, than disappointment in this respect. Any given species may fail to reach the limit of employment of its allotment of protoplasm, if lack of intelligence allows destructive agencies or tendencies to dominate. It will thus be readily "" seen that the best the chill. Cane sugar was partially inverted or converted into glucose and levulose by heating with organic acids. At whatever time the inflammation comes on, in slight cases, a of water, should be applied every two hours to the part, by Cleans of a piece of linen soaked in the water and laid over the warm breast-milk of the mother put into the child's eyes every v'me that it nurses, will cure them. Ferrier dilutes the morphine with gum arable and nitrate of bismuth.

By themselves they may obstruct one or both of the Eustachian tubes and give rise to catarrhal otitis and resulting deafness. In some of the cases where growth remained, it became atrophic in character.

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