Doctor Murphy replied,"I have no rivals; which of my friends was it?" The curse of medical life is the jealousy which keeps men looking on each other as rivals. - they correspond, posteriorly, to the pillars of the diaphragm and the aorta.

Proceeding to examine this table in the order of the subdivisions, the following plan exhibits the total result of the caaet This shows a high mortality, especially after ligature of the femoral (http).


They are now undertaking a series of observations as to the recurrence of plague in infected tenements, even after repeated disinfection, and it is hoped that some facts may be brought Acting Assistant Surgeon U. The condition of the stomach is one of continuous secretion of hydrochloric acid with a want of motility; it is therefore necessary that the neurasthenic be fed frequently at short intervals and on no account should he eat a large meal; although the hydrochloric acid is being continuously secreted in small quantities the glands are in a state of fatigue, and are therefore unable to respond to a demand for the excess of hydrochloric acid necessary for a large meal. Roonev, of // West Hoboken, died when he attended a number of firemen who had been injured at a fire on Jersey City Heights. One can hardly believe that an otherwise sound and healthy infant could run such a severe, almost violent, clinical course, and die within so short a Indeed, to be frank, the question still raises itself very seriously in our own mind whether any of these cases, including Doctor Shoyer's, can be regarded as due to inanition only.

Gratified consciousness of having done during that day whatever lay in your power to lessen the sufi'erings and to add to the happiness of those whom you have met; that you have not permitted anyone to obtain an unfair advantage over you because of your indifference or weakness; that you had not neglected any duty to yourself as a man or to the community as one of its citizens in the fearless unmasking and prosecution of a wrong; that you had maintained your highest self-respect by respecting others according to their due, and rendered to those older or abler or more experienced than yourself that regard for these qualities to which they are by nature and circumstances in all And this, in short, should be your daily habit, so that when you die, whether this be soon or remote, no one whose good opinion you crave can say aught against you, but would rather be compelled to remember you with heartfelt regret, and not alone lor your merit as a private individual, but, moreover, as a practitioner of ability, a true friend, a wise counselor, and a citizen of public spirit. The whole report, which is signed by Charlton secretary, is an elaborate argument in favor of the reorganization and unification of the prison system of the State. The treatment was continued for two or three weeks, until she had had fourteen applications, since which time the discharges had been natural. Pfeiffer" was able to prove that ninety to ninetyfive per cent, of the uric acid added to human kidneys suffered decomposition. For about seven years, during which she clung to me with pathetic trust, I tried everything, ocular and systemic, to give her relief, but succeeded only for a little while or but partially. In another case there was a little sclerosis of the perivascular connective tissue, which produced some retraction of the right kidney toward the middle line. It usually terminates in an abscess, by sudden loss of appetite.

Ointments review are of less consistence than cerates, alitionicb the terms are often used indiscriminately. A week later the child was very weak, and his hands, feet and face were swollen. Glasses that had been ordered for him before he came to me gave at best only temporary and partial relief.

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