The next summer she conducted three elocution classes, and a year ago she was taking a part in Keith's Theater, so her general condition since naay be These, of course, are extreme cases in which there wasia strong hysteric tendency.

After a minimum of five injections, significant or even complete remission number was noted in one third of the patients. The duration of the disease before admission was, in two, four months; in two, two years; and in two, four years. This condition was prone to occur in groups rather than singly, and repeated incisions were sometimes required. When that nervous influence is withdrawn by disease or liver the amyloid substance is rapidly converted into sugar, which enters the blood, and (life going on) begins at once to be Certain forms, then, of diabetes may plausibly be attributed to disorder or disease within the cranium.

Any tenderness or uneasiness about a horse's feet renders him unsafe.

The micronucleus or blepharoplast or centrosome is prominently located near the posterior end and is connected with the flagellum by a distinct line passing along the free border of the undulating membrane, which is along one side of the parasite like a fin. The principal symptoms of eclampsia are the same as those of hypothyroidea, high mean artorial pressure, decreased elimination by the kidneys, perverted metabolism and very often albumin and caste. Hydrostatic pressure is wholly uncertain, unscientific, and dangerous, and if employed at all, it should be only early in the case; and the reservoir containing the liquid should not be elevated more than three feet above the child's buttocks. Small and well-equipped hospitals have sprung up through the land, like so many life-saving stations, vigilantly watching to save a sufferer in despair on a boisterous and ruthless sea of trouble. Five hours later, on the morning of more; but the patient rapidly failed, and died convulsed, distressing symptom which occurred during the entire sickness was the terrible dread and expression of abject terror which preceded the terrible feeling at his heart in each paroxysm.

Veterinary Surgeons usually cut off a portion of the ear and mount films of the blood for microscopic examination to find the anthrax bacteria, and this opinion has to be confirmed by the Board of Agriculture. She and her husband Joseph, who is also a physician, live in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Recent literature contains several reports (Schleg, Eichhorn, Frank, Roder, Plate, Ehrhardt, Koppitz, Reinhardt and others), which render the occurrence of purpura hemorrhagica among cattle, especially younger animals, and perhaps a diminished appetite and cessation of rumination, as well as great depression and weakness.

In the larger animals the loss of a few quarts of blood is not of much importance, but bleeding can generally be controlled by cold or by an actual cautery. There is a contagious form of it, which causes most serious inconvenience, and loss to the flockmaster. Sometimes it is necessary to physic horses, under treatment for diseases, and in cases of a change of food to that which is more astringent. Clark's conclusions, based upon a limited personal experience and a careful extended a remote hope of cure by the x-ray, relief of pain, at gynecologists to thoroughly investigate this method of treatr ment as no one person is yet an authority on the subject. In gout, in indigestion, and in some other disorders, there appears to be an absolute increase in the amount of uric acid or of urate of soda: and to this state of the system, the term lithic diathesis ought, in strict You will have gathered, from what I have already said, that there is a morbid condition of the body, the opposite of that which is characterized by a prevalent deposit of the lithic acid: a state in which a readiness is manifested to throw down white gravel, and to which, by high authority, the title of the phosphatic diathesis has been annexed. The cow which gives a generous flow of milk during the first few weeks of her period of lactation is usually regarded as the best cow. Blatin? He quotes book and page from Blatin, therefore has the book before him, and yet, while naming himself" Doctor," he leaves upon his professional colleagues the mud of the filthiest possible insult he has thrown at them, and does not even give us the facts of Blatin's charge, to whom it is supposed to refer, etc., and does not call upon Blatin for facts or substantiation of vague charges. It would be most gratifying if every case of pneumonia, went smoothly on to recovery under our gentle but effective remedies, but unfortunately every case will not do so, and we have to fight desperately with every available weapon. Positive reactions of rabbits to surra, following inoculations with blood of zebus. Give a strong dose of physic, in a pint o! gruel, to which add a gill of vinegar (phone). If the eflfect was not sufficient the salts were repeated on the following night, the same dose repeated after an interval of two hours. In other cases vesicles form which after bursting also become covered with scabs, so that finally the dry and exfoliated skin appears covered to a great extent with blackish-brown With the advance of these symptoms the affected animals are retarded in their development, the appetite being changeable or continually absent. Serous efFusioi: right cerebral hemisphere. In some cases they are followed by manifestations of a rapidly progressing anemia and by collapse, which is an indication of an internal bleeding into the abdominal cavity, while in other cases paralysis or perforation of the intestine lead to sudden death ( It is to be obtained from the manufacturers of quinine, and enters into the composition of Btores of the cruisers employed on the African station, and the following extracts from the rejxjrts of the weather was very wet, and on their several duties both men and officers were much exposed to the raio. However, during the latter part of this winter he had felt depressed and of the right lung reviews contained a smaller cavity.

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