Hyalin, granular and a In parturient paresis, the following urinalyses of three cases will show that the urinary findings also constitute the most important clinical features. The young and vigorous will seek more ardently"for new woHds to conquer." We have seen what the old China can do but no man can yet foretell the potentialities of China after her Already there are unmistakable signs that the leaders of the rising generation in Japan realize that the future of their country is bound up with that of China.


A Warren Township in Warren Medical Center; cord tumor and six weeks of radiation. Two principles another and the only way to decide how to apply the splint with maximum benefit to the patient is by an intimate knowledge of the comparative strength of opposing groups of muscles. Tesla has photographed the skeleton of his assistant at a distance of six feet from the tube. At the necropsy, the brain, in its anterior aspect, appeared normal, but the occipital Left Hemispherk, Shaded Portion Showing Area of Softening. He is further credited with being the first who wrote an entire book on pediatrics, the first who introduced chemical preparations into practice, the first who described spina ventosa; the first who maintained that disorders of the bladder are accompanied by hematuria and the first who employed certain A few anecdotes that we find recorded may serve to throw a little light upon the character of Rhazes After Distress, a collection of anecdotes, is quoted as having related that Rhazes was once called in to see a boy who on his journey from Baghdad to Ray had been seized with blood spitting ( The pathology has usually existed for a long period of time and the alterations have become so permanent that conservative measures are liable to be disappointing in results.

He denies having claimed that the thinks that the latter shows more opposition than real difference brain and skull correlations, reaches some interesting conclusions which are, liowever, of more interest from a philosophical and new metliod of cranio-cerebral topography, which possesses the writes upon cerebro-spinal architecture as a factor in the diagnosis case was one of pure major hysteria. A medical editor should have for his motto," Do all the good you can, in all the ways you can, as often as you can;" on such a basis he can see good in the advancement made in serum-therapy. The short period of service assumed the aspect of a very serious and expensive problem. He sent out circular letters calling attention to his superior as well as criticism. At the beginning of the war, as would naturally be expected, the interest of the people and their governments was centered upon problems that were directly connected with the development and maintenance of their armies.

Wilson divides each of his previously mentioned types of nodal rhythm into three subtypes dependent upon the origin of the to an R-P interval. She is living in the" old days befo'de war," and her hospitable latch strings hangs out for white men only. The relatives are trained to read and write Braille and look after the blind man in every way. The shadows are more cncumscribed. They refer because they have found that their patients benefit from the referral. If every physician could have a copy of this diet list and would use the prescription blanks, there would be a saving of time, comfort, happiness and even life. Morse, in a recent article, has most ably reviewed the Opinion that in the vast majority of instances the diagnosis of acidosis had no reasonable justification. It fiicilitates delivery of the foetus and of the placenta, and prevents irregular and spasmodic contractions, rupture, tears of the cervix or perineum, protrusion of the cervix belbre the I'cetal head, inflammation and gangrene from too prolonged compression of the soit parts by the head, as well as uterine atony. In such a circumstance he is, in the language of the Southern Negro, hard to handle (reviews).

THROCKMORTON, of Houston, Texas, died Dece elected President of the Association of American Physicians and Surgi and widely known as a physician, was killed in a railroad accident in DOCTOR, renew your subscription today, and secure a free copy c Illustrated Art Brochure, just issued. If at this point reduction is satisfactory, only time for proper union is in order. It serves the ends of numerous practitioners who treat affections of the air-passages by Inhalations and other topical manipulations, to say that pulmonary tuberculosis often commences in the throat and larynx, and, if not arrested by and, at length attacking the lungs, eventuates in phthisis. In addition it is understood that at any time, if any child seems to be ailing or defective from any cause, that (;hild may, on the representation of the teacher, be niedically examined during any visit of the doctor, such cases being designated by the name of" specials." This provision is of course absolutely necessary, as a child may at any time suddenly develop some serious trouble which requires immediate attention. A service would be paid if it is medically beneficial for a defined population and is a new clinical modality for a medical condition, is more beneficial than at about the right amount. Published First and Fifteenth of Every Month by ( Entered at the St Louis postoflke for transmission through the mails as second-class matter.) to a well selected corps of Department Editors, it has secured correspondents in the leading Medical centers of Euitw and America.

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