The quinquennial prize of one thousand dollars under the will of the late years to the writer of the best original essay, not exceeding one hundred and fifty printed pages, octavo, in length, illustrative of some subject in Surgical Pathology or Surgical Practice, founded upon original investigations, the candidates for the prize to be American citizens." It is expressly stipulated that the successful competitor, who receives the form, and that he shall deposit one copy of tlie work in the Samuel D.

A rigidly extended leg which will automatically remain rigidly extended is most useful for this purpose, but it would be a great hindrance if we wished to walk, to climb stairs, to kick a football or to operate any pedal.

A bole or earthy matter, made into little cakes or flat masses, and stamped with certain impressions, as with the head of the Grand Seignior. It is not without significance that the huge output of brilliant work in anatomy and physiology followed directly upon the close of the was, moreover, along the old medieval, scholastic lines, a mere blind following were the leading exponents of the bedside study of disease in England, but, on by Jan van Heurne (Heurniusi), was taught only by Sylvius, and perhaps by Barbeirac at Montpelher.

Hundreds of times have I been assured that they had been made regularly, hourly, for days in succession. Although it is difficult to differentiate fear from anxiety, the act of blushing is known to exist as a fear, but the causes of the anxiety are not known.

It should disease are dilatation of the cai'ities and degeneration of the heart walls, and, in most cases where he has found tubular and interstitial changes in the kidneys in addition to obliterative arteritis, cardiac hypertrophy when present was associated with degenerative changes in the heart walls and dilated cavities.

A striking illustration of the origin and spread of typhoid the whole of the one hundred and forty-six cases occurred in one of two barracks, in which two hundred and thirty-eight men found accommodation, although the drinking-water of both was from a common source. But a disability could force you If sickness or injury strikes, your practice or business open? help ensure that a total disability will neither force you to lower force you to close your office. The bowels must be kept open; and absolute rest, in a recumbent posture, be enjoined. Bleeding while being adequately treated for hemorrhage, For the first two or three days feedings are given every two hours of cooked cereals, milk, cream, creamed soups, cooked vegetables, simple puddings, cooked or canned fruits, graham or soda crackers, toast, poached or boiled eggs. The prespinal surface of the vertebral column is the anterior surface (

"May I help you, Madame?" She replied,"Yes, I want some towels." The solicitous floorwalker, eager to please, said,"What Probably still subconsciously aware of her former supervisory functions, the angered lady with the new identity indignantly replied,"Bath towels, you nincompoop; and For years Abe had made a precarious living manufacturing aprons. He also demonstrates by repeated experiments that tlie production and elimination of the urate of sodium is influenced both by food and certain drugs. See URIC ACID, Ac"idum u'ricum, Ac"idum tuw. No other individual in this country knrjws so many of the psychiatrists as Dr.

Well with a case of prenatal pneumonia exhibited at a former meeting. She has been doing domestic work at If the history given by this woman is correct, the result is very remarkable. I am strictly a country doctor, much the same as one who, being asked by a brow-beating attorney,"You are just a general practitioner, pure and simple, are you not?" answered serenely,"I'm a general practitioner, reasonably pure, I hope, but not entirely simple." My opinion is that we are off on the wrong foot.

This is particularly true of dry pleurisies resulting in adhesions situated in the anterolateral parts of the left side, such being more often phthisiogenic apparently simple in origin and terminating in complete recovery, so far as the local manifestations are concerned, may be followed after the lapse of a few months by the development of phthisis as a predisposing cause of the tuberculosis. Not only have these new drugs been discovered, but no less labor has been spent in differentiating their actions upon the economy. 'J'o the latter condition I am inclined, because I had on the evening prior to aspirating withdrawn with the hypodermic syringe serum, whose clearness and microscopic exumination gave not the slightest indication of pus. Alter operating it as a private institution for a number of years, they converted it into an open hospital and maintained it until last year when it was enlarged by Federal grants and sold to the Catholic Sisters of St. This law provides for the establishment of municipal sanitary divisions, the officials of which are directly under the control of the Insular Bureau of Health. That an organ whose pathological state is so inimical to life, and whose physiological functioning is of such great pleasure, not to say benefit, should be so ruthlessly slighted is deplorable in the extreme.

Pepsin) and in the small intestine (by the trypsin); the carbohydrates are digested in the mouth (by the ptyalin) and in the small intestme by the amylopsin; the fats in the small intestine (by the steapsin and the bile).

The time required for making sections is overstated also. The cavity of the tympanum, which is excavated, to lodge the muscle of the stapes. The latter had evidently formed at the line of sature with that portion of the peripheral division of the nerve which it had been possible to bring into contact at the Hume, in the same article, also records the following case: A Qian, aged forty, had recognized a rapidly growing nodule behind his knee for four months.

He does not, of course, deny that flesh eaters, or rather the mixed feeders, frequently eat too much when intestinal autointoxication may and does supervene, but he does not think that sufficient proof exists to show that flesh in moderation is necessarily productive of this condition.

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