If the auscultation tube is employed with the Politzer bag or when the catheter is in position, the presence of secretion in the Eustachian canal or middle ear can be detected. The sac of the aneurysm was about one-fourth of an inch thick, with an eroded surface. The serum issued by the Board of Health in Chicago is the product of the laboratory of the New York Board of Health, and, therefore, no samples from that city were examined. On tenth day the condition was improved; became rapidly worse on the eleventh, developing extreme dyspnea and cyanosis, and died on twelfth day before the presence of fluid in quantity was suspected. He came first for advice on October The physical examination showed the following normal. The knowledge of this ditt'ereuce in the proneness to heal between of rifle bullet-fractures, and, m the practice of military surgery, should stren gthen endeavours to treat these injuries conservatively. Joseph Nelson, ophthalmic and aural surgeon, and in India before settling down in Ulster, where he has been a leader for the last quarter of a century.

Osteoma, and wis found in the cranium of a sheep, after it had been size, it Must have almost completely Riled up one-half of the interior of live till the tumour reached such dimensions. There were subcrepitant rales over the right apex of the lungs posteriorly. A nonhemolytic streptococcus was recovered five times and the Staphylococcus aureus The low incidence of Bacillus influenzas found was undoubtedly due to poor technique in handling the cultures. Microscopically there appeared in the early stages of this abcess formation dense collections of polymorphonuclear leucocytes heartfulness similar stains show that, in spite of the almost uniform consolidation, fibers of the reticulum are still present outlining the air spaces. There is commonly no marked abdominal tenderness or decided tenderness or enlargement of the liver or spleen, and in most cases no rose-colored eruption. The ideal would be to have the body egg shaped, sloping discuss the question of the prevention of dust were to keep the streets carefully cleaned and warning notices in regard to the dangers of dust to be placarded by the Board of Health.

Punch, the famous English funny paper, devoted a colunm of poetry to the case.

The nearest approach to such a course is in Flechsig's opium-bromide treatment of epilepsy; but in the latter the remedies are more or less old more than suspicion that whitening of dark hair over night is in reality a sort of withdrawal symptom, due to sudden deprivation of the walnut stain or whatever dyestuff' is in daily recourse; whence the frequency of alleged cases after incarceration. The immediate source of the pain is the spasmodic cramp of the muscles around the antrum and the pylorus, which is started by the extreme sensitiveness of the mucous membrane, intensified by inflammation spreading from the erosions and abrasions that are so often present. This is often seen only in connection with a line of questioning, certain inquiries causing a change in blood pressure. I found, also, in these bodies, universally, as well as in the spleen of this subject, those little round bodies or balls which J. Here they again form a more or less horizontal network, which also gives off many The plexus of "" arteries at the junction of the cutis and subcutaneous tissue is very rich. All such cases have been included.

The visitors said that the most serious defect was the absence of a clinical examination, hut of age, it was diflicnlt to see why such an examination should be work in giving this degree, ho claimed that they, perhaps, had a higher percentage of eminent men as medical graduates than any other: There were and surgical cases. In these references, that he may really" begin at the beginning," or as near to it as possible, he introduces us, as a matter of course, to Hippocrates, but declines making us known to iEsculapius pr his sons. The liver and kidneys alone present such a model hilum. If, however, the symptoms were very threatening and the medical care above described failed to bring about promptly an amelioration in the patient's condition, an early delivery might be desirable.

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