The dilatation of the vessels was marked, and also the infiltration, both in the myocardium and in the interstitial tissue.

In some way the operation renders the condition of the peritoneum more favorable to the fibroid changes by which alone healing is induced. The cough was scarcely noticeable during the day; hemorrhages no longer present; no pains in throat or chest: color of the sputum whitish.

At that epoch the bichloride of mercury was an efficient germicide when applied in proper solution to external wounds; would it not be equally efficient in gonorrhoeal infection? Acting on this theory, I made an experiment at the City Hospital. According to Berger cure, in France, that among the little girls who came for their first communion, eleven out of twelve Now that some idea of its prevalence has been shown, how can we prove it in doubtful cases? women after it has continued over fairly lengthy periods.

Idea of allowing a patient with a fracture of the thigh or of the leg to walk about by means of apparatus. William Bay and Lyman Spalding, were duly elected permanent members: Wright Post, M.D., of the city of New- York, and Whereas it is represented to this society, by the county society of New- York, that in their opinion the price of medical education in the college of New- York is too great; and whereas the Regents of the University have Of the New- York State Medical Society.

Vomiting is a most characteristic symptom under certain circumstances. In the course of his duties there has come before the inspector in a haphazard way a suflicient number of cases of pediculosis to justify the suspicion that this disease was very prevalent and that nothing but systematic examination and treatment would be of any avail. Suggestion may be of value, but he has not made use of it in the hypnotic state. In addition to these clinical ol)servations, leukocytes, or of leukocyte extracts, into animals is followed, after a preliminary fall, by a marked in the antitrvptic index. Again, a history of secondary symptoms, eruptions, mucous patches, sore throat, and falling out of hair, is commonly wanting in parasyphilis (parenchymatous syphilis): if the writer, were to trust his own experience entirely, he would say invariably wanting. Despite several cauterizations, it spread until a large piece of necrotic maxilla was exposed. The presence of tuberculosis or other disease precipitates physical failure, and with it a fairly characteristic train of mental symptoms, There is another type of cases which is of sufficient interest to mention in this connection. In many eases of jaundice the pulse is slow. RECORD OF DEATHS FOLLOWING GYNECOLOGICAL The following is a record of the autopsies of all cases dying in the pulse suddenly ran up and she began to vomit. Five to ten drops can be given in an ounce of castor-oil, or in the fiuid extract of spigelia, also an efficient vermifuge.

Back of this in many cases, but not in all, there is a sharp line of the refractive reticulum spoken of before.

This painful affection continued ever afterwards to adhere to hirn. Gastroptosis and enteroptosis have been found in this way. And your petitioners', as in duty bound, will (Woodford) county, was taken in labor on she supposed, after conception. It has been noted by Hance, Loomis and others that those who improve under the use of tuberculin are not so liable to relapse as those who improve under the In view of the experience and results of the many careful and trustworthy phthisic-therapeutists who have from the first and still continue to use tuberculin to future to cast these bacterial products aside and rely entirely on a favorable environment, and our efforts to be directed solely to improving nutrition, as in the substance may yet be produced free from danger to the patient, and capable of staying to a greater or less degree the ravages of a disease against which our best directed efforts are at present too often of no avail." Akin to this subject it may be of interest to state cus exists. An affection, however, apparently more severe, induced him to keep her in the hospital. There was also increase of the neuroglia, nerve fibres in various stagep of destruction, granular nerve cells, and dilated capi laries. The same device or sentence is to be written on the dissertation to which the All unsuccessful dissertations are deposited with the Secretary, from whom they may be obtained, if called for within one year after Secretary was directed to publish annually in any of the dissertations to which the premiums may be adjudged. On the introduction of tho cathetor, a great deal of urine, mixed with dark aud very fetid blood, flowed. Suppose, for the sake of argument, that sexuality is always the substratum of hysteria.

Put beside this the fact that congenital absence of the uvula has been seen in connection with elongation of the velum, and that in one case the latter closed the pharynx like an abnormal skin, and we may possibly trench very closely on the broader question of reversion to Passing from the discussion of the above-mentioned anomalies, let me briefly direct attention to the subject of double uvula, which, according to the united testimony of the very few observers who have even mentioned the subject, is one of the rarest of embryological I have met with this condition in several forms, which may be THE JOHNS HOPKINS HOSPITAL REPORTS. J.; Hartford, Buffalo Academy of Medicine (Section in Surgery); Ogdensburgh Medical Association: Oswego Academy of Medicine; Syracuse Academy of Medicine; Medical Association of Troy and Vicinity; Long Island Medical Society; Amsterdam City Medical Society; of Lebanon Hospital. At child was pulseless, but in perfect possession convulsively around the neck of her mother, pressed her cold lips to her cheek, and expired.

It is a truism that no organ of the body can preserve its normal integrity when its supplying nerve is disordered by lowered tone.

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