Combined Bisection of Tumors and Uterus with in the body of the uterus, the author recommended bisecting the tumor and the uterus, and then enucleating the tumor. As a first dose, grains recommended, continuing its exhibition in lO-grain doses every three hours afterward for twenty-four hours, hours.

The standard curriculum, which is to be adopted as a minimum requirement for the degree of M.D., shall consist of the following: (a) The course shall consist of four terms in four separate calendar years, (b) Each term shall consist This should be a standard of required work. He closed the peritoneum, and, cutting down farther, found the kidney, which possible and fixed it. Towards evening the sensorium seemed affected; the patient being drowsy evinced an indisposition to exertion of any kind; the eyes yellow and suffused; pulse slow and full; with a slight tendency to stiffness in the limbs. The massage consists of slow, light, rhythmical stroking in the neighborhood dose of mobilization must be meted out with care and accuracy, movement is being administered. - clinically, the long duration of the disease and the general resemblance to splenic anaemia are against the malignant nature of the change in the spleen, and in favour of its being the lesion of chronic of splenomegalie primitive or splenic anaemia, recognised the condition which he had previously called I'epithe'liome primitif de la rate. There is also reason for believing that the tubercle bacilli retain their vitality for a greater length of time in such an atmosphere on account of its humidity and excess of organic matter. This suture in adults is closed by bone, often very thin bone, which retards or prevents the extension of the middle ear trouble to the dura mater or brain. Grave nervous symptoms may also manifest themselves in animals exposed to currents of high voltage. Rheumatic character; although, it must be confessed, it is often a difficult task to define the line separating rheumatic from some paralytic complete paralysis of motion of the left arm, sensation being pretty perfect; no pain whatever in moving the limb. The educational scheme seems to have been planned on board lines and differs radically from our plan. Apex extends to left of the left nipple and area of cardiac dulness reaches from this point to a line one-half inch GOLDWATER: BLOOD PRESSURE IN MAN. This form of hydronephrosis is very rare. Fearing the return of the fits, we were unwilling, notwithstanding the discharge of worms we had procured, to abandon the galvanic current, for twelve or fourteen days.

In considering the appearances in gonorrheal ophthalmia, the smear alone is to be relied upon, as it is next to impossible and certainly impracticable to grow this organism upon the surfaces of the ordinary culture media.

He also showed that the cylindrical epithelium in these experimental tumors remained so only as long as it lined a lumen, and when it formed in masses it changed to the squamous type, and just as readily returned to the cylindrical type when lumina formed in the epithelial masses. Experience has shown that the weaker solutions cause fewer complications and been extensively used, but have no advantages over carbolic acid. A solution of more of sterilized water injected and retained in the bowel about an hour. In my hands sulphonal has given the best every four hours and the quantity rapidly reduced as the maniacal condition passes the course of three or four days. Espina, of Madrid, insisted on the value of cinnamate of soda. We allude to various symptoms of impaired health, or" feeble, quick pulse, respiration hurried on the slightest exertion, skin symptoms evinced in the lower extremities, pain in the lumbar mean to say that most if not all of these symptoms may he produced by hemorrhage; but that they are generally, only its accompaniments, and produced by the cause of the hemorrhage very often, without being accompanied therewith, and curable without any of the remedies properly directed to idiopathic hemorrhage. In the second place, it is possible that the ions, by virtue perhaps of their electrical field, operate on certain colloidal solutions in the cells, and thus affect the condition of the protoplasm, without entering into chemical union with any of the constituents whose properties they alter. The constitutional treatment I now regularly employ consists in the administration of large doses of pure creasote in small gelatine capsules, containing each one minim of the drug, as first suggested by Sommerbrodt:


Now the enlightened and regular medical faculty of Massachusetts (as well as of other parts of our country), are associated and have arrayed themselves against all secret remedies, or patent medicines, and this for the just and laudable purpose of protecting the community, as far as might be, from imposition, and of preserving the integer rity and standing of the profession; they cannot, therefore, feel themselves at liberty, as I judge, to seek aid for their patients through the adoption of such articles and means. Whether we consider architecture or sculpture or painting or decoration, the great nations of antiquity have done quite as well as any modern time, and, indeed, at the present moment we are far below what was accomplished in these lines at half a dozen different periods in the world's history.

Mental disorders, insomnia, hypochondriasis, and hj'steria have also been occasionally been produced. There thus arise many situations in which the question of professional discretion obtrudes itself and therein the physician In many cases when the patient applies to the physician for advice in regard to the propriety or safety of his marriage, he does so with the honest intention of accepting and abiding by the physician's decision. (It has happened in the war that wounded failing to find the frontal aid stations, fell into the main dressing stations or even field hospitals).

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