For ourselves we are accustomed, with the rest of the world, to lay stress onihe apparent health of the nurse, the quantity of her milk, and especially the good condition of her own infant, as well as complaints her success in previous nursings. Case five: right lateral hemianopsia, absence of Wernicke's symptom, hemianesthesia. Yet, for these terrible maladies, the cure of which has defied the skill and best genius of the profession for centuries, there is constantly coming forward some adyenturer, or syndicate of adventurers, who, for revenne only, seduce credulous unfortunates into the belief that an infallible cure has been at last evolved or discovered. They are used chiefly in dyeing and in making inks. She had held out her hand, but the doctor had not taken it all, but had contented himself with placing the fingers of his right hand upon his own left wrist. Buck," if it fake be God's will to remove me, I have no desire to recover." General aspect. It is instructive to note that not a drop of the amount thus poured into the colon will ever be seen again.

Tanneur gave the drug in increasing doses, beginning with two or three and increasing to eight or he gave it in keratin-coated pills, thus securing aborption from the small is, therefore, particularly valuable in all forms of chronic bronchitis.

If one point can be gained, by the removal of a troublesome symptom, it will strengthen the confidence of the patient, and render future progress comparatively easy.

The inoculations of the cultivations produce typical gonorrhoea from cultivations the cocci lie side by side, presenting a f avif orm Micrococcus lyssce (sen rabidus).

A great deal of stress is laid on its close association It apparently has no relation to sex, age, seasons, food or drinking water, and is related to occupation only in so far as the occupation carries one into the low places mentioned. And other genera distinguished by the transparent, fugacious filaments, swollen at their ends into a membranous vesicle inclosing the sporules. But it is not the acute Diseases of the Eye alone, which, unless properly and promptly treated, terminating in are many, which not violent or immediately dangerous, are yet sufficiently annoying and distressing, to incapacitate those suffering under them, from the pursuit of their ordinary avocations, and which compel them, after much suffering, ing the patronage of the benevolent, would have now been competent and happy in the pursait of their various callings. Recently dried squills in powder, and fresh digitalis, are the best, assisted by the alkalies, and a When dropsy arises from a morbid condition of the fluids, with a laxity of the solids, the practitioner must endeavour to find out the cause of this condition of the body, which will be often found in the combined disorder of the skin, and of the internal mucous membranes, with a torpid state of the liver and colon. The mast itself did not escape the violence of the elements, but fell overboard with a crashing noise; and the foaming waves gushed into the open vessel. In order to be co-workers review with God, in order to become like Him and to reveal His character, we must know Him aright. The pimples (called chancres) break, and gradually change into a red, hard-edged shallow ulcer. Ail the resorts are written up in this work, while special attention is paid to the sanitation of each station, and its general We feel sure the book will be found useful both to the public, and to our professional brethren, who may not have had opportunity of making personal observations of these Dr. One of the diseases most successfully treated at Bath has been Gonorrhceal Arthritis, and the experiments of Wickham and others show that radium is destructive to the gonococcus. General Allard told me that the Maharajah' once reprimanded him for having executed some musselraans; whom General' Avitabile had ordered to be hung because they were of opinion, that, under the- protection of a European' governor they might be at liberty to eat beef! The opinion of Runjeet Sing was, that he ought to have imprisoned the criminals, and then allowed them to escape. It is important to remember that these effusions, when near the centre of the diaphragm, are out of reach of the exploring syringe, One of the cases seen by the writer is a striking illustration of the value of de Mussy's point in diagnosis. It possesses the valuable property of a specific anodyne action on the mucous membrane of the whole urinary apparatus; it also increases the quantity of urine, but reduces purulent secretions. It is better to administer no drugs beforehand. Two veins permitted more blood to escape than was desirable, and The operation was almost a bloodless one, and he soon rallied. It is caused essentially by nutritive disturbances; or to put it in another way, it is the result of a loss of equilibrium between assimilation and dissimilation.

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