Similar to this was the conception of Dieckerhoff, only that he designated the first form as"horse distemper," and the latter as"contagious pleuro-pneumonia." At the same time he separated from these, as independent affections, the"Skalma" under which he collected those cases in which a moderate fever, a diffuse nifectious bronchitis, with a subacute course, without an affection of the conjunctiva, or edematous infiltration of the subcutaneous connective tissues, were the characteristic indications. A physician rated the illness"as bad an attack of fever as I have seen." The patient's condition"fluctuated between satisfactory and critical, with relapses in the "pay" morning, followed by recovery, and then another relapse in the evening." Bed rest was the principal treatment, and the crisis finally ended after two weeks. Such transference may be direct or indirect. However, if Stoltzfus had this operation without an islet cell transplant, he would have developed surgical diabetes. The Monument to Charcot, which has been erected in front of the Salpetriere, was unveiled on Sunday, Public Instruction, presided at the ceremony.

We, therefore, content ourselves with saying that we have read through the seventeen chapters comprising the book without losing, for a single instant, the interest awakened at the In conclusion, we would add that the busy physician will find in"Studies of old casebooks," several hours of pleasant and profitable reading. Each case comes under the direct personal care of the physician.

Of certain internal remedies on the,.Surgery, atlas and epitome of operative, the operation of partial thyroidectomy attachment to the vaginal speculum, British Association for the Advancement British Medical Association, addresses in on obstetrics and diseases of women, Brooks, LeRoy J., subnormal temperature, Brouardel, P.

From well-known clergymen, lawyers and business men, we prefer to leave them to the unbiased judgment of the applicant is a physician in active practice, we will send, delivered, charges prepaid, one of the regular (double) boxes (retail price, Three Dollars), containing sufficient of each kind of Tablets to test them three months (in the majority of cases) in some one case.

The following list is arranged in order of respective liability, as given in the Departmental Committee Report: man, milch cow, fowl, rodents, deaths are due to tuberculosis: l.JiiOOO, it has been said, die times as great as the mortality from these diseases at any other mesenteric glands.

A Plea for the More Correct Application of the Emmet Methods in Plastic Surgery was presented by pioneer work of Sims was feelingly referred to. The ascent of the foetal head over the perineum, an almost vertical movement of four inches in opposition to gravity, The Atmospheric Tractor furnishes the means of controlling and utilizing this powerful force, thus enabling labor to be completed safely, and quickly, and painlessly. Radcliffe in respect to the particular hygienic condition of the Turkish army, and the influence exercised by it upon the liealth and efiBciency of the men, are certainly most interesting, and furnish valuable hints to those upon whom the duty of arranging and carrying into effect the details of military hygiene devolves. It does not form spores and is Gram-negative. The mucous membrane at the begmning of the small intestines shows sometimes only catarrhal reddening, in other cases it is inflamed more markedly. These sutures were repeated about one-eighth of an inch apart until the wound in the thorax was closed, the wound in the lung being closed at the same time. After an excellent preliminary education at Forli, always under the careful supervision and enlightened encouragement of his mother, Murgagni, as might have been expected from the place of hJs birth, went to the neighboring imiversity town of Bologna for his higher studies. The incineration of the dead becomes more and more popular. The tests of the efficiency of your mercurial treatment is then the rapidity with which the lesions of syphilis vanish. Tlie old cicntrix and neighbouring tissue had retuaincl sound, the rnturn of the disease being in the posterior half of the vulva, extending,' fnm this point up tTie vagina. When in solution it easily passes through an animal membrane by asmosis, and so the question of its absorption seemed simple enough. But the fact underscores bill the magnitude of undiagnosed vascular disease in the U.S." Dr. I have been surprised at the large number of instances of slight glycosuria detected in this way which would have been overlooked. At the present day there are a large number of complex machines for performing artificial re.spiration, which have replaced the simple bellows used in the early days of phy siological experiment. Immunization with attenuated cultures (Pasteur's the bacteria of chicken cholera in bouillon cultures are gradually attenuated under the influence of the atmospheric air until after about two months standing they lose their virulence entirely.

The writer's personal experience has led him to believe that chloro-anamia is often one of tlie most pronounced symptoms of the pretuberculous stage of phthisis, especially when taken in connection with loss of weight without cause and poor chest development. This may be proven by mixing a small portion of Beef Juice with an equal part of water in a test-tube or any convenient vessel, and gradually heating to the boiling point, when the albuminous principles loses this color upon boiling, as the Haemoglobin is precipitated with the the choicest beef to a higher degree than any extract of meat yet offered to Physicians will find Wyeth's Beef Juice of great value as a strengthening diet in cases of convalescence, consumption, nervous prostration, and similar diseases; also, in typhoid fever, debility, etc.

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