The author prefers resection to svnovcctomv both in adults and children. The motor zone now pushed forward to a region entirely or almost entirely in front of the central fissure, was then regarded by manv as occupying a considerable area of the parietal lobe.


Since the period was never delayed more than two or three days over time, conception must have occurred shortly after the preceding period on each occasion, membrane exhibited by Dr.

In addition to meningeal signs she had a questionable left facial weakness and left ankle clonus. I of:en thought that the ductus communis might have been closed in these cases by S'jme adhesions capable of being broken through if the bladder were opened, or by a gallstone removable under like circumstances. A year later a right simple mastectomy was done for anaplastic carcinoma, and cobalt therapy was given postoperative ly to the regional lymph node areas.

To this end the bowel, kidney, and skin should be alternately stimulated, the results being controlled by study of the indican, urobilin, and conjugate sulphates content of the urine.

Where these conditions have not some of the tissues or by the shutting off of the nutritional processes of the parts, improvement can be confidently looked for, and with the assurance that at least there will be no further progress of the disease.

Numerous practical recipes for the preparation of palatable and nourishing dishes of low salt content make this work The Mierotumist's I'ade-M ecum. At the recent international congress in London the whole tendency was to simplify and find fewer causes for disease. And a summary of the results obtained will be given. No hanging drops proceeded apparently at the same rate as in the In practically all the experiments in hanging drops described in this paper, controls were made opiniones under the same conditions, so that it was not necessary to ascertain exactly the normal growth rate of pneumococcus.

Alter children have acquired the entire use of their legs walking is decidedly the best exercise they can take. In ten cases, by a preliminary irradia tion, he had rendered an operation possible and had apparently eradicated the disease, for no recurrence had Professor Bumm detailed his method at some length. The newborn brain is imperfectly developed, exemplified by the paucity of myelin and by the as yet not fully completed migration of neurons. Barker had done this very eflTicienily, and had clearly indicated the line of treatment to be adopted. Sensory symptoms are among the most common in children; in this class being the hysterical headache or pain in other regions, which is most apt to develop at a time when it will be of advantage to the child. The ascites from lues of the liver acts like a transudate; likewise the carcinomatous ascites. Unless I filled them up every day, they had chills. Radcliffe, of Bushnell, Illinois, present were made members by invitation. In some places visited it was found that industrial concerns are adopting measures for the prevention of the spread of malaria and are thus demonstrating that the It is hoped that in each state some communities will be induced to take up anti-malarial work which fiable will serve as demonstrations. I regard the existence of female qualities in man and masctiline qualities in women as variations in degree of the bisexual or hermaphrodite nature of the genus homo. To limit the spread of trachoma would entail an expense to which neither the local, the quasi-selfgoverning municipal bodies, nor the central Government which squanders the very blood of the nation on its struggles with the"internal enemy," will ever consent. Dieted results had progressively increased his confidence, and his mind and will power, thus directed in the right became paralyzed from the waist down, and finally lost find the typical symptoms or evidences of any such trouble, disulphidc, coupled with such suggestive remarks as would serve to arouse her nervous energies and will power. Cons Radiol Rockefeller View Chief Otolar Trafal Otolar Syden.

The recent review correlates the hormone assays determinable in the various clinical entities as regards adrenal and carcinoma may be classified as functioning or nonfunctioning. The indications when a pessary should not be used have been sufficiently set forth in my paper on the use and abuse of the pessary, but in order that they may be before us in the discussion of this subject, I will briefly repeat The pessary should not be used: First. X ray work has recently shown us that if the mucous mernbrane lining the stomach or intestine is injured there arise nervous contractions of the outlet of the stomach which may cause the latter to retain the food for a longer period than normal and secrete an excessive amount of gastric juice which is accompanied by a hyperacidity. In this fake form anemia of the brain and coma are produced by the large number of parasites lodged in the capillaries of the brain.

However, the muscular force was about normal. Physical examination negative, but for a markedly distended abdomen with tenderness in the region of the pylorus and gallbladder, across the middle portion of the transverse colon and in both iliac regions.

Respect so conducive to health, as walking. The third ordinary meeting of this session was held at the Board Room above was considered, and afterwards signed by the President on behalf of the members present.

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