His mouth and tongue were very dry and his lips cracked; there was impaired vision without cataract being present.

He was an active member of the Clinton county Medical Society, and felt the deepest interest in its success, and had filled every oflSce in the society.

And now, gentlemen of the Entering Class, I invite you especially to the department of physiology and histology, as dealing most directly with these grand themes of living matter and the tissues, though the other departments will all treat of these more or less directly, as we have seen. This report is the more valuable as consisting pf a class deemed unfavorable for this less, though he fails to state what the mortality was in this series of operations. - it occurs in horses more often during exercise (wherein it differs from epilepsy) and when driven rather than under the sweats and leans against a support and sometimes falls. The left eye had become swollen with occasional vomiting attacks. For instance, imbeciles, at about a certain age, begin to follow the practice of masturbation, and, of course, follow it to excess, upon which a mental deterioration sets in, which lowers the child's already weak mentality to a very serious degree.

The dichroism of the blood was also very visible on the white sides of the bottle, which at every shake exhibited a greenish lustre:

Horner practised, the warm season begins early in spring, and not, as in tliis country, in June or July; here it should be called" summer catarrh," for there is a close relation between this affection and warm weather. Even in the unusual case in which the apparatus arrives and is applied in six or eight minutes, the chances of resuscitation are not nearly so good as they would be if the prone pressure manual method had been begun within thirty seconds after In those cases in which apparatus was not applied until twenty or thirty minutes after the accident or after the never ceases to breathe spontaneously, and that the apparatus contributed nothing material to his recovery. Following it was quite an epidemic of diphtheria. In very rare cases of acute catarrh of the intestine the dejecta consist exclusively of mucus. - removal of the teats with scissors aids drainage and has been done Contagious mammitis is prevented by having a separate milker sodium fluoride are said by Moussu to be most efficient.

This disturbance is observable first, in respect to all the external senses, vision, hearing, the touch, taste, and smelt, which are perverted in different degrees, both absolutely and relatively to each other- and, Secondly, in the prostration of muscular lun tary movements; ami, thirdly, in and.-oim t lines much obscured bv, t arising ti'in inflammation of the different oigans secoudaiiiy and casuaily affected. It is a product of the putrefaction of proteids.

The patient talked quite readily about his gasoline sniffing in all interviews. The host of a beer-house was found hanged (in March), standing upon both feet. The pills discontinued; saline aperient medicines to be exhibited; leeches to the angles of the jaws; and a chloruret-of-soda gargle to be the patient is convalescent:

With respect to the heat of s Jan, and frequency of pulse, which Dr.

If one chose to look back over the past year in an effort to evaluate our activities, a number of successes, a few failures and a far greater number of compromises could be recalled. The usual causes of repeated gastric hemorrhage are, first, chronic peptic ulcer due to digestion of part of the stomach, the lack of resistance to the digestive process depending either on infarction or local vasomotor spasm, more frequently the latter; secondly, catarrh with hemorrhagic erosions due to portal obstruction; thirdly, ulcerating cancer. This oil is placed in churns, with one-fifth its weight of sour milk, and churned until an emulsion is formed, anatto being and salted like common butter.

He was a poverty stricken, ambitious man seeking an opportunity to display his operative skill, his race, to relieve suffering humanity and skill was the confidence that is born of experience. - the tissues of the oesophagus were in this case, as in most other similar ones_, quite firm, and its mucous membrane was greyish-coloured, and had an acid reaction. The human body, being composed of various tissues whose conduction depends upon the proportion of water and saline materials of which these tissues are composed, will convey or transmit the current according to the conducting power of these various tissues. For more details and to apply, contact: Fulton County Civil Service Northwest Georgia for internist or one interested in general medicine. It certainly cannot remove the results of chronic inflammation of the nervous centers of the cord.

Eruption which terminates by desquamation. Ogden Nash summed it up very nicely as Toxicological and Dermatological Industrial Hazards; Elsevier Publishing Company, Amsterdam and Princeton, New occurring in men engaged in the polymerization of vinyl I DOCTOR If you do not have an established collection service in your City, our proven methods will greatly improve recovery on your slow or delinquent accounts.

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