They were allowed to remain in the urethra, and after thirty-two days of this treatment he passed his water freely, and in a large stream. At King's College Hospital, about four-and-twenty patients were treated for wounds, bruises, etc., who were afterwards well enough to go away. It follows that, whether these Boards meet in one city or in several, their examinations must bediliorcnt, and any approximation to equality, which maybe effected under the proposed new scheme for Conjunct Boards, may be also brought about as well through the influence of the Medical Council, by a proper undei-standing between the existing Boards of the country, as amended, or even as they now stand. It is very well to say that it is at first purely heal; but the word"local" is a trap, and capable of half-a-dozen meanings. Within a few minutes, not only is the process of digestion stopped, but there is pain, an impleasant feeling of nausea, not unfrequently accompanied by an actual desire to vomit.

Claptrap cannot be considered a term too harsh in the designation of any means introduced to the world as a universal agent, when it is not eligible in more than one case out of ten of those very diseases which it is stated to cure in all forms and conditions.

She is no better, and says"her life is miserable." Mr. With such facts, Deleau remarks, it is surprising that blowing air artificially into the tympanum in deafness was not thought of sooner. The outgoing board has made a splendid record in standing for impartial enforcement of the features of the law which are the especial concern of medical men. If you give a grain, or two grains, every night, or night and morning, you are ahnost sure to make the bladder perform its functions. Morax believes that this low figure was due to early enucleation, his text book of"Diseases of the Eye," states that it was uncommon in the world war, as compared with its frequently reported occun-ence in our civil war and in the Franco-Prussian war states,"in reducing to a gratifying minimum the incidence of sympathetic eyes so injured and inflamed that they should be sentenced to prompt excision; It is admitted that the surgeon should have special hospital training, that the radiologist must have extensive equipment, that the nose and throat man must have taken post-graduate work to fit him for his specialty, that the pediatrist must be specially versed in infant feeding and hygiene, but almost any one is supposed to be able to prac What after all is internal medicine? Internal medicine is the recognition of diseased conditions in the human body, the correct location of the lesion, the determination of its character and extent, unless its very recognition obviously allocates it to one erfahrungen of the definite"specialties," and the treatment of all nonsurgical conditions whether acute or chronic that fall in the realm of"general" rather than"special" work. It appears to me to do better in moderate doses rather frequently administered, so as to maintain a constant impression, than in occasional larger quantity.

After reading the case, I need not point out to you how much the sternum is how deep and confined the whole space is; and it is these considerations which suggest to me a slight change on the mode of operating. Cells of the ischemic kidney remain unchanged. It was to his interest lh:it his own virtues be magnified while the virtues of his competitor were minimized: he consequently spoke freely of his own virtues and his competitor's vices. Since achievement is good medicine in every walk of life, the numerous failures we have come to expect on fishing trips may now be turned to partial successes.


Preventive treatment may be further divided into (a) general, and (b) local. Manifestly we cannot heat all the soil because eight to nine inches of top soil on a single acre weighs about one thousand tons, nor can we chloroform all of our farms. Phosphorus, as is well known from the researches of Wegner, when given to growing animals, renders the developing cancellous tissue of the bones denser than natural, more like the compact tissue; even in adult animals, a similar change takes place. When neither is accessible, remittances may be made, at the risk of the publishers, by forwarding At a recent meeting of the Philadelphia County Medical Society, in commenting upon a case of of laparotomy and free drainage in certain instances of peritoneal inflammation, the result of perforation of the bowel in this disease. At the very most is it possible occasionally to gain a short stillness and tranquillity in girls, to whom coquetry is already not unknown, and who are' easily flattered; but as to At a later period, reason and courage are lioth moi-e developed; but if the bone particii)ates in the affection, their increased compactness leaves less room to hope for their re-union.

The patient lived only two days.

I say within the enccphalon, because I am satisfied we must not restrict our consideration of the question to intellectual activity alone, for that implies only activity of a certain kind.

In such listening at that situation, especially over the point where the two sides of the heart are joined, to hear two second sounds instead of one; that is to say, the pulmonary somewhat tefore the aortic.

We ought merely to introduce a b(uigie or catheter, and fix it where it cea.ses to advance. Whatever preparation is adopted, whenever the breath is tainted there ought to be a remission in the activity of the treatment; and if the gums begin to swell, the mercury especially in tlie form of blisters, is strongly recommended, and the treatment generally illustrated by several interesting- cases. When I spoken to he answered questicms correctly; passed (according to his mother's account) involuntarily; pulse small and feeble.

We have in this manner arrested the disease in many hundred cases, in consulted me for sore throat. Into the cavity occupied by the spleen carbolized sponges were introduced repeatedly until the hemorrhage was entirely arrested. In cases of complete obstruction with acute ictention, and gutschein frequently with a large chronic residue, gradual emptying of the bladder is imperative. " No functional hepatic derangeme t is more obstinate than a failure in the biliary secretion, when it has been allowed to continue for any length of is liable to relapses; and when the complaint occurs within the tropics, it is done by long'-continued courses of medicine, occasional journeys, and a relief from harassing" duties.

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