This opportunity affords a general internist a great financial and working opportunity. - we have carried the process of saving the weaklings to such an extent that something like three percent are public burdens and the taxpayers are frantically calling on the Eugenists for reHef. There is usually an abrupt transition from normal esophageal lumen to a narrowed, irregular passage, in contrast to benign lesions where transition is smooth and tapering. One group of patients seems to be at great risk to develop the clinical syndrome of proteinuria, hypertension, and progressive renal failure. It is adduced as a contribution to the literature of morbid phenomena dependent on implication of the cervical portion of the sympathetic nerve. Gates was alio largely responsible for organizing the New Telephone Company and the New Long his interests he had the satisfaction of seeing the plants thoroughly organized and modernized and the business firmly established. The same as Ureteropyosis, is, or eos, f. Y's office when the patient was not called with an appointment time. It is only when this"atmosphere" is right that the best work can be done. It is a defective term, veins that are in a state of permanent dilatation, attended with an accumulation of dark-coloured blood, tlie circulation of vessel, being also irregular, knotted and term for varicose enlargement of the veins Bot. Of the satisfactory work of the State Board in the past, and the measures taken to guard against cholera. The disease is common in the human and dogs but rare in horses and cattle.

(BaAai'Tioi', a purse; ofdaXfios, the eye.) Zoid. Applied to a Medusa, having two e'Spa, a base.) Mineral.

The upper por I, tion consisted of the stomach, the duodenum, and of a probably I minute piece of small intestine; the lower portion wbs composed of I state of things was therefore favorable to the study of (he action of I tha stomach, of the biliary and pancreatic secrettona, and also of in. Applied by de Caiidolle to a Tribe (f, pi.) of the Malpi(lJiiacece, having the Biinisteria lor their by H. In one sense of the term medicine denotes a" science, the object of which is the cure of diseases and the promotion of health." In another and the more popular sense the term denotes a medicinal agent or a drug. Many writers upon the subject have pointed out that although carbon dioxide and related end products of respiration are distinctly harmful, the presence of dust, finely divided particles of refuse, smoke, vapors and gases, as well as the dried elemients of expectorated material and other germ containing matter, Take for example our places of amusement where many people are often closely gathered together, and which are intended to serve as means of recreation and physical relaxation. Pi.) of the Eupatoriacece somewhat elevated, or on the middle portion of high mountains, as the Verhysia Alphabetarius, a, um.

I have endeavored to do something in the way of this As a conclusion based on the analysis of a considerable number of recorded cases, I feel warranted in affirming that, in a certain proportion of the cases of phthisis, alcohol antagonizes the progress of that disease, and that in the treatment of the continued fevers (typhus and typhoid) it is a means of saving lives which without it would be lost. Generosity was one of his most dominant Mrs.

Stephens, of Manchester, payment and ii Sr. Hagen, Chairman, Billings: Butte; Charles E. Farnsworth, Chairman, Cedar City; Committee on School Health: Robert Rothwell.

Chancellor, of YVest Yirginia offered the following resolution:" That so much of the report on federal legislation be referred back to the committee, and the committee be increased by five, and the committee be directed to urge on Congress a bill providing for the organization of a health department of the United The rough draft of the bill prepared by the Committee on Legislation, and explained by Dr.

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