- erysipelatous inflammation extended from the stump several inches above the knee joint. Another common cause of premature alopecia is the practice of literary people, and of those who use artificial lights for other than literary purpost's, of overheating the scalp by allowing the heat rays from their lights to be reflected on their scalps, a procedure which results in drying out the oil of the hair and interfering In connection with the subject of illumination, it is now a well-known fact that exposure to the.T-ray will cause lanugo hairs and, if long continued, those of a sturdier growth to fall out.


The symptom-complex, which, as the name implies, is one of intermittent halting, was first described as a disease of the horse, the condition being common in this animal, nnd generally being due to interference with the circulation in the hind legs from verminous aneurism of the femoral arteries. We worked in pairs and the experiments were not difficult, with the exception of occasional distractions from the sound of hobnailed boots and strains of"Deutschland Uber Alles" permeating the room. A teaspoonful, tablespoonful or teacupful is one filled, then slightly shaken until rounded on the top. The effects of codeine on the alimentary canal are remarkable, in that it assuages pain as well or better than morphine, and nevertheless does not check the secretions or peristalsis notably, unless the latter is excessive, as in dysentery. We have no would yield could be applied to making some very much needed alterations of and additions to our buildings, and to extending our means of teaching in directions that would have remarkable results on our usefulness. The bowels were rather relaxed, and the urine was the action of the heart was stronger than usual; the moisture of the skin had increased.

I, they not only disturb the mind, but almost every one of them application should be added, viz., that for this reason poisons can also cure certain kinds of mental diseases. ) Discursos de verdadera cirugia y censnra de ambas vias, y elecciou dehi primera iiiteiiciou curativa, y uuiciou de las Valentin (L.-A.) Recherches critiques sur la Valentinus (M. Continued as; Bibliothek fiir die Chirurgischer Almauacb, von Fr. Condensed Continuation of Odontological Society of London.

When the marriage of the unfit is not only discouraged, but actually by law prohibited, there will be produced through the marriage of the fit an"American aristocracy of From those far distant Biblical days, when Jacob carried out certain principles of"Evgettics" in connection with Laban's herds and flocks, stock raisers have also greatly increased their wealth by like measures, and the magnificent steed"fit to ride and run for a king's life has been evolved from the five-toed animal no larger than a fox; the humble donkey and his progeny not only have been an important factor in our own aggrandisement, and settled great England's last contest with the hardy Boers; to say nothing of the now prolific hen, whose fruitage is at this day being sold by the piece instead of by the dozen or gross. Form of thi'ush in otherwise healthy children, with nothing macroscopically abnormal in the mouth. He also demonstrates that immunity may be transmitted from the nurse to the child, even when the latter is not the offspring of the former and has come from a highly This division of immunity into an active and a passive form is convenient and plausible, but Ehrlich's active immunity must be cellular in origin. F.) C'linique chirurgicale de que I'anatomie patbologique peut jeter sur leur quelques maladies de poitrine et, en particulier,. His bed was on the same side of the ward, and in close proximity to the first case reported: coupon. The older children will extract pleasure from it also. The statement made by Gebhard that no blood vessels appear in the villi t)efore the third or fourth month is not correct. So it was with the second and third referenda. The general death rate continues high, were attnhuted to diseases of infants. Annual reports on the health of the Ebbw Vale. In these Our meetings have been in the form of formal lectures, substitution for the missing teachers, and informal forays in hallways, in the library, or on the sidewalk. Gant said that he frequently combined the above operations with appendicostomy or cecostomy, so that through and through irrigation could be immediately estabUshed and the period of convalescence shortened. Owings, code Thomas B Ellicott City, Md. Quarterly reports on the health of London.

In making a diagnosis I always try to conform with the diagnostic symptoms which Hebra pronounced papules under the skin, slightly protruding, perceptible more by touch than sight, itching, scratching off the summits, followed by a slight bleeding from the papules, and some coagulated blood as scab adherent to the top of the lesions. Kaiserlivh - l.iinigUehes Minislerium des Innern.

Speech at the Medico-Chirnrgical Society.

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