It is the cleanest oil I know of for this purpose. The tenderness over the right half of the epigastrium and right hypochondrium was constantly present. IT IS THE OXJLY PEPSINE USED IN THE PARIS HOSPITALS. Blood must, therefore, be abstracted, even more considerable, and having a livid a low diet observed, and aperient medicines bluish tint, but without any loss of blood; administered.

By means of his Essay on Education Locke became a great educational reformer, changing the whole attitude of English and continental society toward the subject. But in other cases its effects, either as an alterative or tonic, are speedy and permanent. The city of Louisville, Ky., in our early recollection, was one of the most pestilential spots in the habitable West; by filling and draining it is now one of the healthiest, one of the most beautiful and flourishing of the cities of the great Miasm is an invisible emanation, an emanation from vegetable matter, dependent always and every where on three conditions, any one of which being absent, its an impossibility. A high Ambard coefficient gives warning that in the event of loss of compensation. If, then, the conclusions we have drawn be correct, is it not a matter of the deepest interest to preserve a work of this kind, and keep it as far from ambiguity as is possible, so that posterity may enjoy the same opportunity of acquiring the means of removing disease as ourselves. Otherwise, it consisted of a heavy, clumsy frame-work, to the upper part of which upon the lower part a slide, enclosing the leg, traversed by means of a In turning to England at this period of our history, we are first arrested by Gooch, who, though not free from many of the absurd ideas then prevalent, showed some originality, and certainly an admirable frankness and modesty. Mammals, apart from man, have a weak acconunodativc apparatus, the mode of activity of which is the same throughout the subkingdom, and needs no elucidation here. Didactic lectures are delivered by a complete corps of Professors, who have ample resource sin the Museums of the College for illustration of their lectures. Partial deafness in one or both ears, if ordinary conversation can be easily heard and a watch's tick recognized when not in contact with the skull, would not ordinarily prevent insurance with disability benefits. The medicines which they sell must be of his own compounding or he cannot warrant them to be pure; but still, if the agent be a Right Holder, he can" prepare" the medicines for his own family. The poison of scarlet fever is eminently exhausting, eminently predisposing to inflammation, more n even than that of ordinary fevers, and it al a ays follows severe cases unless Respecting the acrid discharge from the nostrils, all agree that it is a very had symptom: it arises from the inability of the fluid to descend behind, from the swollen slate of the parts, and from the anterior portion of the snhneiderian membrane becoming involved, Nature attempts to relieve herself as in what is called a cold in the head, hut the diseased blood and abnormal action of the membrane causes a secretion so acrid, that the face, unless protected, is excoriated. It is almost certain that the asylum buildings at the State Farm could not be duplicated in brick and stone for the same price to-day.

Convergence is the other unparallel movement which the eyes are capable of performing. If we strive to manage our nervous cases in this manner, we will very soon realize as a result of our success that dope and electricity, as well as focal infections, in the treatment of such cases are not the ultima Thulc and be led to exclaim with Hamlet:"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." Medical Director of the Fidelity Mutual Life Insurance Company.

If found in good condition, it is assumed that the whole bulk is satisfactory. - with the assistance of a small hook, or one of the blades of an ordinary haemostat, other fibres can be separated from the pillars of the ring, and thus and gentle but steady traction made.

The instrument is very comfortable to the patient, can be removed or replaced than metal. To form it, very thin plates or sheets of iron are dipped in melted tin, which not only coats the iron plates, but penetrates them. IT HAS SUSTAINED A HIGH REPUTATION, in America and England, foi efficiency in the treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Chronic Bronchitis, and other affections of the respiratory organs, and is employed also in various nervous and debilitating diseases, with success. - it undoubtedly is often a great convenience to use clamps at various stages of the operation, but the impression seems to be gaining ground that the comfort of the patient is better provided for if the clamps, when used, are replaced by ligatures before the patient leaves the table. As would be expected, syphilis and syphilis of the nervous for more than the average number of cases was cent, of cases of malnutrition, and in nephritis for and in syphilis, rheumatism and bronchitis, each for less than one per cent, of the cases studied. The pressure here, or rather the part which produces the pressure, is technically termed the the sides of the opening through which the viscera are protruded, or that thickened and hardened state of the sac which I described to you in the last lecture. Clubs remitting Five Dollars will receive three copies. If a place is'behind the times,' as indicated by a high death-rate, it may be safely assumed that one The last is, in many cases, the dominant factor. We advise those who would not be duped, to go and purchase the ff New Guide to Health," of Dr. Quinine, cinchonidia, or blue pills, all of which are usually found in the market, hard and insoluble. He talks about" consistency," and yet he cries Out in his periodical against the use of purgatives, saying that he never uses them, while at the same time he is selling" worm syrup," made of butternut He must not Suppose, in the vividness of his fancy, that the people are so fond of purgative pills, and secret nostrums, as to desert the Thomsonian cause, and rally around the"botanic standard" which he and his brethren are endeavoring so strenuously so erect. However, such appears not to have been the case.

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