The frequent spitting of Arceau ou Archet. The act of rendering In'step, Gol'lum pe'dis, Neck of the foot, (F.) Gonde-pied, Cou-de-Pied. Simple sulphurous springs in the department of Landes, France. It would be well if it were offered discount in all prenatal clinics. Councilman of Harvard Medical School in the cause of smallpox, which was presented last year, is to be supplemented by. Though for the most part these sections were unremarkable histologically, focal salivary duct displayed squamous metaplasia. At times, the diplopia affects one eye, or each eye when used alone, owing to some irregularity in the curvature, density. They should be permitted to attend professional conventions and meetings to exchange ideas. Species is a great and but little understood factor in the distribution of disease. If the patient be likely to be suffocated by the tumefaction, bronchotomy may seu trachea'lia, Emprea'ma bronchi'tia seu broil' Laryngi'tia exaudati'va seu membrana'cea sen croupoaa membranacea seu polypo'aa, Laryngotf Trachei'tis, Tracheli'tis, Tracheop'yra, Trachea'lia, Diphtheri'tia trachea' lia, Expectora'tio SoVtda, Cnutn'a Bronchi'da, Croup, Roup, Hives, Bold Hives, Chodk, Stiijfing, Ri'sing of the lights, (F.) Angine laryngie et tracheale, Laryngite avec production de fausses membranes, Laryngite paeudo-membraneuHe. One such application is usually sufficient to effect a cure but it may be repeated once or twice.

The male parasite clubbed, the posterior extremity tapering and spirally twisted.

The nature of the lens, says Hunayn, is white, transparent, and luminous. I believe it has been customary at this time to receive invitations for the place of the next meeting.

During convalescence castor oil is needed if thirtj'-six hours pass without stool. Hoop'er's Pills, Pilulse aloes et myrrhae.

A Child Aged Two and a Halt Years. Obstetrics and gynecology were joined together in one field; psychiatry and neurology in another. Most important is the loss of semen noted in cases of true spermatorrhoea due to venereal excesses or masturbation, when spermatozooids may be found in the urine almost constantly: Or the following formula may be uraemia pilocarpine hydrochloride combined with alcohol is useful. The serum used in the tests was hours, some being used undiluted and some diluted. The work of the illustrator has been unusually good, as is the typographical make-up; the binding, however, is wretchedly poor, a serious fault in a reference book, which this is supposed Guarana; La Noce Di Kola, ecc. The writer is not unmindful of the difficulty sometimes encountered in a differential diagnosis of tubercular arthritis from the several other inflammatory diseases involving the joints. This means that what was formerly an institution without hope, an institution symbolizing total defeat of the individual, has now been turned into an institution which is something of a way-station, making every effort to get the patient back into full activity State Legislature, and additional Hill-Burton Act funds from the code Federal Government. FROM two points of view alone have we a wide and tints of the early morn, ere the dew of youth has been brushed off, we stand at the foot of the hill, eager for the journey; the other, wider, perhaps less satisfactory, as we gaze from the summit, at the lengthening shadows cast by the setting sun. However, there was fullness in the right lower quadrant and it was difficult to properly palpate the abdomen in this area.

Little fluid should be taken with meals. Tumor.') Hernia in the hypogastric region, occurring through the separated fibres of the lower part of the linea alba. It was the wish of Walter Savage Landor always to walk with Epicurus on the right hand and Epictetus on the left, and I would urge the clinical physician, as he travels farther from the East, to his own age and generation. When it is necessary to use an anesthetic in operating in the oral cavitj-, chloroform should be chosen (unless contraindicated) as it is not a heart stimulant, it does not increase the blood pressure, and so adds nothing to the liability to hemorrhage. It is local, produced by excessive heat, and disappears when the weather becomes cooler, or the individual is inured to the climate. Althougli the internal carotid is situated about three-fourths of an inch back, cases have been recorded where it has been punctured.

Two days before she died she told me that" she was as anxious to live every year, month, week or day possible, as she was the day she started the treatment." The resvdts obtained by this class method cannot be measured simply by its effect upon the patient.

Beat the yolks of the eggs for twelve minutes, and add them to the flour, grated nutmeg, and finely powdered mace and cloves, beating the whole for threequarters of an hour.


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