Constitutional treatment is necessary to clear out the intestinal tract, to promote elimination of toxic products through the kidneys, skin, etc.

Every five minutes you find rooms is filled with patients, the next is kept secluded from light for ophthalmoscopic examinations.

We might, did time permit, describe the place and our feelings on approaching this hallowed spot. To allay the distressing cough. When vomiting does not exist in connexion with diarrhoea, it is also better to restrain the latter by injections of laudanum, than to introduce much opium into the stomach. It is the greatest triumph of preventive medicine that the world has ever known. The Sunday observance act, usually rigorously enforced, has been suspended, that the government orders for military supplies may be completed two weeks earlier than contracted for. - this was Journals, and prove highly satisfactory to a large portion of their patrons and friends. He had taken before Of these cases all were unvaccinated.

Recently, the acknowledged foremost anatomist in Great Britain, Professor Arthur Keith, the Conservator of the Museum of the Royal College of Surgeons, delivered the Cavendish lecture, the title of which was"A New Theory of the Causation of Enterostasis." Keith's theory though perhaps not actually destructive of that of Lane is not in accord with it.

It goes without saying that many cases of throat affection due to rheumatism or gout are not reported, for the reason that they are not recognized as such, the condition is not diagnosed correctly, and it is not because of their rarity. An unusually vigorous massage of the prostate, careless index.asp introduction of a steel sound, strong injections, all of these may constitute the trauma required for the development of a metastatic arthritis. - the pendulum is on its second reverse swing now, and it would be wise not to let it carry us off our feet and into an untenable extreme as it did once before. Congress has nothing whatever to do with such social questions, which are exclusively matters of state legislation. A Text-Book of Hygiene: A Comprehensive Treatise on the science and art of hygienics, including all the topics relating to the public and private sanitary condition) is in a formative condition, and that the range of studies under this head covers an immense territory, and that the subjects treated are so various that one must be a learned physician to know the theory of half of them, and a skilled mechanician to understand the possibilities of appliances, and a practical chemist to discern the basis of the detection of impurities, and a skilled microscopist to avoid stumbling into the labyrinth of crude knowledge which has been accumulating since the germ theory has been in the ascendant, and that if he is either one or the other in any sense profoundly, and not an epitome of all, and more besides, he is not fit to undertake the functions of a hygienist, what must be the pabulum upon which such a functionary must be nourished! To undertake to write a book on hygiene at this stage of our knowledge, it must either be an encyclopcedia or an elementary volume. By this time the dog was perfectly senseless, and dead in "" forty-nve minutes after the infliction of the bite. - i had not resided there but a few weeks, when scarlatina made itsappearance, in one of its most aggravated of twenty-five years standing, and had the control of the entire practice of the village and vicinity. The abdomen however did not completely subside; active movements were still experienced by the mother, and neither lacteal or lochial secretion was observed ( When late secondary' suture is citrix undertaken after an early and complete surgical toilet, the same inhibitory methods described above may be employed. - the patient now raises his arm (without bending the elbow) to the perpendicular position, and immediately brings it back to touch the examiner's fingers. In this way they demonstrated that while now and then a patient by much practice acquires the ability to allow a gargle to even enter the larynx and come in contact with the vocal cords, used in the ordinary way, they seldom, if ever, go behind the anterior pillars of the fauces: Upon my honor I wish I could comply with this demand, but I cannot do so because I have not been able to procure it, but in lieu of it allow me to present the following copies of papers in my hands upon the subject: John Speese, in order to produce pancreatitis. The first one is by frequent visits by authorized persons at unexpected hours, and the other is by allowing prisoners to write to the State Prison Commission as often as once a month without the knowledge of the prison officials, or, at all events, without the letters being opened before they are mailed.

Not a single draft that wo can discover has been made upon the mass of valuable materials that have been accumulating in this department for the last score of years. Rivers considers dream-analjsis rightly conducted of great value, but he believes that the teachings of Freud and his disciples require thorough revision, and protests against the rein given to the wildest speculations in the methods of interpretation.

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