When given merely as a tonic, this added acid may be harmless, or even beneficial, but it is decidedly objectionable when large doses are given in fever, and such a solution is most Many of the other Salts of Quinine are far more soluble, and a table is given below of their approximate solubilities and other proportionate contents of Quinine All the above SALTS can be supplied COMPRESSED into solid but friable blocks by Sulphate of Quinine in tins, and about one-sixteenth of that taken in vials. My theme urges me onward, so let us trace historically the passing on of the torch which has ever burned before the shrine of With the spiritual redemption of mankind came a great reformation in medicine. Probably the friction of the clothes sufficed to charge the skin with such inflammatory excitants as are always clinging to the cutis. In addition linkedin to these, tbere is, moreover, formication and" falling asleep of the limbs, also pains in various parts of the body, particularly in the A few observers, such as Grassi, Fischer, Nuel and Leplat mention the occurrence of retinal hcemorrhages and neuro-retimtis, Leichtenstern observed the occurrence of pains in the bones, more particularly in tne always observed a more or less increased indican reaction. Zancarol single case was a fistula left. Griffin has just illustrated this idea by telling us about the case which he saw recently, where the disease was located in the back, and which had never been discovered by the very able physician in attendance. In one the hallucinations were confined to taste; smell, sight, and hearing being normal. Behind the lower part of the sulcus occipitalis transversus a short sulcus runs backward and downward (almost at right angles to the course of the sulcus occipitalis transversus). I'ulso and tongue as yestor irwiee well.

On the third day motion, although painful, could be carried through the normal arc. The bonds will be signed by the president of the cattle sanitary board and bv the treasurer of the Territory, and bv the latter registered in a book to be provided by the cattle sanitary botud, whicn book shall w continued in the possession of the treasurer of meetings of the Territorial cattle sanitary board, and a record oi each meeting will be made by the treasurer of the Territory and also by the secretary of the cattle the Territorial cattle sanitary board may think best, tliey may onler a levy not to exceed one-eighth of one per cent of the assessed value of cattle within the Territory, and continue said levy yearly until a sufficient sum is realized to pay said Ixinds with the yeady accruing interest.

Rural district, Weston, and I merely want to speak of some have been required to be reported and I think there has Board of Health, and we have not found any objection to the reporting of cases, also all houses are thoroughly disinfected after death or after the removal of the patient and not alone the room but the entire house. This may be provided as a separate advanced cardiac life support course at the beginning of their residency or in various lectures in their cardiology training. We cannot here take up the various hypothetical explanations of the reaction which have been advanced. From a district in which such contagious disease existed, or who may have wilfully concealed the existence of such disease among his stock or on his premises, or may have by willful neglect or purposely contributed to the spread of such contagion; and in appraiang animals to be slaughtered as herein provicled, no allowance shall be made on account of such animals being thoroughbred, or pedigree stock. - it cannot be doubted that an instrument of this kind, when nicely adjusted, so as to cause no pain or inconvenience, and at the same time to compress the neck of the sac, may, if used for a considerable length of time, prevent in many cases the subsequent protrusion of the hernia. No mention is made of cultures or animal experiments (

Herrick: It has been my fortune to have seen nine cases of lymphatic leukemia, and six of these were of the acute variety. - their colour mostly resembles that of diluted milk, sometimes it is grey or yellow, the smell is fetid or mouldy, sometimes fishy, with an acid reaction (Thin). Time will show what the final estimate of the X-rays as a remedy in this disease will be; but they certainly should be used, although cautiously, and treatment be suspended should untoward symptoms arise.

The left vertebral artery is a little larger than the right, and each vertebral artery is a little smaller than the basilar. A less simple problem of protein feeding is presented The question arises whether, when an animal has diabetes, as demonstrated by glycosuria on carbohydrate feeding, but is able to eat protein to satiety without glycosuria, or when the protein ration is kept below the apparent tolerance and the full caloric requirements "" are supplied by addition of fat, diabetes is permanently avoided or merely delayed.

In larger places the provision of contagious disease hospital should be obligatory, not permissive. Id inguinal hernia in the male, this, of coursi through tho skin and around tho nock of the sac, and then tie the ends of the ligature over a piece of wood placed on by some who practised this operation that, if proper cure was used, the sac only might be included in the ligature, and thus the testicle be saved. - a decided increase of actively motile organisms was noticed in the guinea pig peritoneal cavity when a normal rabbit serum instead of a specific immune serum As shown in Table I, the five different strains of Leptospira icleroides reacted to each of the three monovalent immune sera.

His pain has been severe enough to greatly interfere with his work, and he desires an operation if it can be expected to cure him.

If the patient's condition worse, but the intestinal walls fairly good, one may, without or a: emptying some of the distended coils, do a short circuiting operation and later on remove the growth, closing in the divided ends.

It is useful to approach the data on alcohol first, as "" alcohol forms the background for many other drug issues.

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