Physiologic function is teleologic and is based upon purpose and planned outcome. These booklets will be presented soy to every member of The Kansas Medical Society for completion. The cautery should not be too hot; a white heat is dangerous.

It waa resolved to recommend for election on the Council, the Earl of Strafford, Sir Andrew Clark, Mr. The problem of bodily upkeep should never be disregarded in pellagra. When quiet breathing is insured as the patient begins to go over, there is no reason why the inhaler should not be applied close to the face; and all that is necessary is to watch the cornea, and to see that the respiration is not interfered with.

Indeed, for years, physicians have been calling attention to the nervous breakdown, alcoholism and A crusade against the strenuous life is now well under way, as a result of these newly discovered facts. Morgan, omega Kariher, Gianturco apparatus for the reduction of fractures. Thigh (right), almuitaneona amputatimi of the, and diiartlonlatioa of ttaa left knee tor tail Thomaa, Ur. It is used to destroy warts by the common people of Sweden, which it is s.aid to do by biting off the excrescence and discharging a corrosive liquor into the wound. Predisposing; (a) the peculiar structure of the nervous system of young infants; protein (b) hereditary, nerve centres or meninges; new growths; diseases of inner and middle ear; (b) reflex, as gastrointestinal disturbance; sensitive gums; worms; phimosis; (c) sympathetic, at onset or in course of an infection or inflammatory diseases, such as diphtheria, scarlet fever, measles, pneumonia.

Let us look at the abortive influences of Aconite and Bryonia in pneumonia, and compare it with the regulation twenty grains of calomel. A colonic irrigation is therefore indicated b12 in practically all cases shortly after the convulsions have subsided. The tip of the loaded syringe is placed against the opening of the sinus, a little cotton wrapped around to prevent the escape of the paste, and the cavity filled until paste leaks from beneath the cotton. When he revolves, the irritative affociations of the mufcular motions, which were ufed to preferve his perpendicularity, become difordered by their new modes of fucceflive exertion j and he begins to fall. It is obvious that the fair and proper fee would be that of an ordinary professional visit, as stated by Mr. The seeds of Ainomum in catarrhal affections of the respiratory and G., IVlolucca'na. It foi-ms rhomboidal crystals, which are almost insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol and ether. Of fenforial powerj fo the accumulation of the feaforial power of volition in thofe mufcles and organs of fenfe, which are o-enerally obedient to it, awakens the deeping perfon; when. Tlie William two years) is awarded by examination to a perpetual pupil of to a perpetual pupil of the hospital every third year. Resorption is assisted by repeatedly applying irritants, which favor resolution. Not the least of the merits of Red Cross work is that it springs from that noble attribute of mankind, sympathy with suffering, which, like the quality of mercy, blesseth him that gives and him that takes; it is in this spontaneous voluntary offer of personal service that lies the special character of Red Cross work.

ITothlng short of Os experimental method will afford a decisiTa and aecaM good antiseptic, and will undoubtodly prevent putofsctiea iDtoodvMi Into tiw bMttiiy haminMj in Mdatute.detos bcHling. The hard granular- crystalline varieties of trap, consisting chiefly of felspar united with hornblende, augite, or hypersthene. The septum may be wholly or partially undeveloped; the aorta and pulmonary artery may be imperfectly differentiated from the primitive arterial trunk, or their origins may be misplaced; the foramen ovale may remain open, or may be closed too soon; the ductus arteriosus may continue patent, or may never have been developed; or there may be defects in H., maligr'nant disease' of.

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