That times changes has again been proven to us by seeing in the New York signed editorial article by Dr. This decision has naturally been very unsatisfactory to the English residents at Boulogne, who have forwarded a petition to the king of the French on the subject; but their application will, probably, be of no avail, for we have been informed that, at a recent meeting of the senate of the University of France, not less than ten demands from foreign physicians for permission to practise, have met with a decided refusal.

He won't stay coupon quiet and read improving books, but he will sometimes use his hands on something of Q. In the poisoning from, and following diptheretic debility, helonias is of marked service, also in all like pathological conditions. Institute of Society, Ethics, and the Life Sciences. In other words if a certain drug will produce certain peculiar expressions of action upon a healthy body in order to be curative the expressions in disease Homoeopathy on the other hand claims as its principal the well known"simillia simillies curantur," or that a drug which produces certain symptoms upon a healthy person will cure those symptoms when they are manifest in a person who is Eclectic medicine teaches that disease is simply impaired life and that the duty of the physician is to aid nature in ridding herself of that which is drawing her The first named school uses remedies largely for their physiological effect, ignoring in a great degree the finer, or what may be termed the medicinal action Homoeopathy, while making use of a large number of the same agents as the Eclectics, still clings to the idea of"simillia' etc.," as the true method of cure. He has probably a large kidney, with a very large percentage of albumin and some isolated small caliber casts in the urine; urea normal.

It is not the heat of the sun, but something in its chemical action that kills them.

I now take a bulbous bougie, aseptic, of fairly large size, depending on the size of the urethra; this I pass into the urethra as deep as into the prostatic portion; I then withdraw it, with some of the secretion on it, and smear it on the cover glass, dries it; I then immerse it in a solution of methyl violet for a few seconds, and then wash in clear water, and examine under the microscope. It is also to be expected that the mechanism for carbohydrate metabolism should at times suffer from permanent defects in one or another of its parts, resulting in a more or less unmanageable tendency to the accumulation of sugar in the blood, thus giving rise to the pathological state known as diabetes mellitus. I ordered week in bed, in the second week, it stood time.

This evidence of digestion of fibrin by the mold extract is, however, offset by the fact that the fibrin in the control flasks with boiled enzym behaved in the same way, though the rate of digestion was somewhat slower, espe cially in the neutral flask. We find, also, but I have at present under my observation, in the country, where I reside, a child nearly thirteen years of age, whom I have seen brought up since her birth, and who is now commencing a sixth dentition. Gonorrhceal arthritis is more often complicated with inflammation of tendon sheaths and bursa; than articidar rheumatism, while in the latter endocarditis is The prognosis as regards the mortality is favorable. Up to the present time no blame may justly be attached to any individuals or to any educational institutions for this prevailing lack of knowledge, and for two very good reasons, vis. The mother seems to be doing perfectly well at first; then slowly the temperature begins to rise and the other bad symptoms appear.

Once in awhile an attack may be quite severe; with high fever, delirium, etc. Until us by his investigations and statistics in Glasgow of deaths occurring from this disorder. The normal temperature of the body is maintained by a balance between the heat-producing forces and the heat-controlling forces. Without any assignnble cause, his cough rather suddenly increased, and he began to s))it up a quantity of white stringy substance.

In malignant hypertension, antihypertensives Mortality in acute renal failure varies from Acute renal failure is a severe, often fatal disease of various etiologies. They are as important A LAYMAN'S HANDBOOK OF MEDICINE as the Wassermann test in syphilis or the sputum examination in tuberculosis. The condition at that date, as reported by Dr. A lapidary must have been at work. This was not said in a spirit of boastfulness but in one of confidence and of dignified assertion. If the bowels get a preliminary thorough cleanout and are then kept clinically aseptic, giving a morning dose of salithia, enough to keep cases of goiter, always beginning with a minimum dose, then increasing to the maximum, and not one subject ever ex- one else who may have an equally valuable hibited any signs of untoward effects of remedy for this or some equally common A SURE CURE FOR OFFENSIVE FEET Here is a sure cure for stinking feet. He also invented several new surgical instruments and devised a number of machines for use in orthopaedic practice.

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