Judas from the reports of the military medical men, who have pointed out the endemicity of the animals in Algeria, show that further investigations are required to prove that the afiection has no other origin. The instrument required is a blunt pointed tenotomy knife. Not uecessardy specific in nature is very doubtful as a factor iu food poisoning, anil tliat the poisonous effect of food rendered putrid by bacilli such as B. It was passed a short distance further, then opened, and withdrawn, and the ring By Dr. ON THE INTERNAL ADMINISTRATION OF CARBOLIC In the month of August a very fatal form of diphtheria broke out at a farm-house in the parish of Culsamond in Aberdeenshire. It was thought that the disease had probably been present for at least four years but routine x-ray film of the chest. An interesting feature of the case was the absence of cyanosis and the presence of extreme pallor in spite of the marked obstruction in the trachea.

The duration of the bath should not, as a rule, exceed ten minutes, and in boys and girls of ten, not more than seven minutes. That the baneful effects of high temperature be not in the end one of the factors in prolonging convalescence or increasing danger. On taking the lid between the finger and thumb, a swelling occupying nearly one-half of the lid, of soft cartilaginous feel and slightly lobulated in front, is discovered; to the touch it closely resembles the remains of a large Hunterian chancre of the prepuce, for which mercury has been somewhat recently administered with effect.

A few drops of blood also had oozed from the canal. The supervisors also inspected the quarantine station at Staten Island and the tuberculosis sanitarium at Otisville. There is an extensive anatomical and pathological museum connected however, in my judgment, far inferior to that at Bologna, which may well rank among the first in the world.

Larger than this opening, and, after separation of the dura from the niarains of the bony aperture, the edges of the fascial flap were tucked in so as to form a complete covering for the espo.sed brain, and a light curtain over the aperture ill the skull. The property of cantharides is to cause and augment that very fibrinous state firom which the membrane b already suffenng.

It' may be easily conceived that a philosophic method which left so vast a field to imagination and hypotheses, attracted numerous medical votaries; and false as were the conceptions and principles to which it gaye birth, they were, nevertheless, made to serve as a basis for practice. Often milk and seltzer-water will agree where milk alone is too heavy and too constipating.

CONGENITAL HERNIA OF THE UMBILICAL article on" Congenital Hernia of the Umbilical Cord," with a history of two cases. Further beware it be not "" too hot nor too if you perceiue the lnteftimm. Here there was a very faint gum line, and tendency to constipation.

Meckel's own contribution to the treatment of undue fatness appears to consist in"methodical moi-phogenic myotherapy," the extensive employment of exercises designed to bring all the muscles into action, with particular attention to the breathing exercises, or The book is still somewhat lengthy, though not so voluminous as the first edition, and contains a great deal of information and many suggestions that should be of great service to those who have to treat obesity.

It is well known that our Milesian friends have no use for anything that takes off the green to put The Medical Record states that an ingenious Londoner has invented a machine whereby a person may be given all the motions of a horseback ride, including the trot, gallop or walk, through the aid of a simple adjustment. The investigator must therefore be ono who has the opportunity for seeing the early stages, for seeing the patient when still only affected by the predisposing disease, and for finding out the circumstances of his life. "Median Neiirotoniv In the TrMtment by hlmseir, the author believes tbe operation, which OooslaU In dividing tha cublto-ptantar nerve and In axotaing a portion of the perlpberlcal end, the means of Improvlijg the conditions, and consequently tha values of many apparently doomed animals. Lee advised the induction of premature labor.

The stroma of the villus, staining a bright pink by hajmalaun and Van Gieson, is surrounded by a ring of fibrinous material of dark yellow color, which is distinctly differentiated from the surrounding tissue.

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