Uremia must be thought of as the cause in such cases. Insolation is occasionally' In Pharmacy, insolation means the drying of Insolatione de PHtnivera, ('spring insolation,') primarycare Pellagra.

The symptoms referable to the lungs may also increase rather than diminish the difficulty in differentiating the two diseases, particularly at the beginning. It is impossible for us to say, whether a patient under the circumstances exhibited in this dissection, could have been cured by any treatment whatever. This infusion was evidently of senna leaves.

It arises from the posterior surface of the ulna, and is inserted at the posterior part of the upper extremity of the second and third phalanges of the index-finger. Conservatism has been usually observed in the local treatment of the urethra, and even in the presence of a purulent discharge I have as often as not omitted irrigations.

In all cases theGerman author has been consulted with regard to the publication of this edition of his work, and ha- given specific consent. That it is possible.that (luodenal ulcers are primary where both gastric and duodenal exist together, and not the reverse, as was formei'ly Now if there is any truth in these contentions which I have made, and duodenal ulcer is a really common disease, there ought to be, at least, a plausible reason for it, just as appendicitis, gallstones and the many other lesions of the body are supposed to be due to partial obstruction of natural exits.

Joseph Smith, Chesnut Level, Lancaster co. It shall be the duty of the Vice-president to assist the President in the discharge of his duties, and in his absence to preside. Portal includes under this name the occipito-frontalis muscle, pyramidalis nasi, and superior and anterior auricular muscles (linkedin).

Ir directions, thul no mistakes may occur in sending ii to them lorner of Shinpen and Vt rnon Streets, Southwark. Unfortunately, many patients with moderate to severe AIDS dementia complex cannot be safely managed in the community or receive appropriate intervention in an acute-care hospital setting. It is best to prepare the necessary amount daily, the slaked lime being mixed with from two to four times the amount of water.

In a considerable number of instances, if the whole sputum were examined, the percentage of positive cases would be materially increased. The changes in the circulatory organs, especially the cardiac changes in acute infectious disease, have recently been studied, especially by my students, Krehl, Romberg, and Passler, with Buch signal results thai it becomes a matter of the utmosl importance thai in future epidemics our newest acquirements in this direction should be tested by a careful examination of the behavior of the heart in typhus fever. The Doctor's exposition of the science is adapted to popular comprehension, and the series cannot fail to be excessively useful.

I,'Oh! excellentl delightful! that is just the salutary after operation for which I so much wished! now vou must believe yourself completely'cured!' The indignant patient, fearing a still more developed similar after-operation, abandoned this fothy simpleton, applied to the allopati ic physician mentioned above, and was soon cured of hisgidliness by rational treatment. A pleasant, cue lemon, cut into slices, tohite angar, ft)ss.. The churches for the most part were closed "" to him. It was Fieschi's turn to brave the embrace of death, with which hv had long boasted his readiness to form companionship. All manuscripts are acknowledged upon receipt and are followed up by notification of either acceptance, revision, or rejection. As early as called attention to the frequent occurrence of cocci in the organs of and iii the absence of confirmation by cultivation and inoculation, to establish its specificity with great probability. - of In' fancy, is a protrusion of some of the contents of the abdomen into the Tn'irica vagina'lis tea'tia, owing to a want of adhesion botween its sides, after the descent of the testicle. In many of the cases the cultures were obtained early in the disease, before a positive Widal test had been obtained.

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