The speaker asked those present if they had ever seen as large a calculus of the ureter as the one presented.

The growth, with the diffusion of general intelligence and means, of a more self-assertive and mistakenly aggressive individuality, which, until more fully informed, often resents and resists the idea of any legal control of, or interference with, one's personal liberty, and, lacking full knowledge, is credulous of all bugbears and distrustful of all vaccination, lymph, and other sanitary means and measures to suppress the disease.

The marvelous effect of the salicylates in acute anginas would seem to point to the fact that these affections are connected with rheumatism. A troublesome meteorisra is a constant symptom, and this is due to decomposition of certain foods, and a paretic state of the bowels. This fibrosis is associated with an excessive number of eosinophile cells in the glandular substance. Auscultation reveals an increased and perhaps a broncho-vesicular quality of the spoken voice, the breathing has become more bronchial in character and the expiration is further prolonged and is blowing in quality. No mention has been found of the condition of the pupillary reflexes; the author has examined a number of patients for these. (Dipt., The natural control of the apple-grass aphid, Rhopalosiphum insertum, with remarks on the control of apple aphids in the Netherlands in Life history of the boll weevil in field cages.

Diagnosis, probably a soft myoma.' On opening the abdomen the tumor was exposed, and as it seemed too soft for a myoma it was punctured with a trocar, but no fluid escaped. It does not seem to be connected with leprosy, in all our cases the search for Hansen's bacillus being negative, and anaesthesia especially the fingers, appears glossy and tense, the fingers assuming often a tapering shape.

The effect of low doses of gamma rays upon the rate of infection of plants with grass mildew A contribution to the knowledge of the viruses and virussuspect diseases of oaks ( Quercus spp.

In the malignant form of smallpox, treatment is useless. Other methods of treatment may be briefly mentioned. The metabolism of contact insecticides in stored Screening methods for organochlorine and organophosphate insecticides in foods and feeds. A collection of pus or purulent fluid within the substance of the brain or between it and its meninges. Said he could walk visit a mile with ease. The tumor is generally smaller than in simple chronic hydrops serosa. The disease may occur at any age and is especially frequent in the colored race.

The control of wild radish in Katahdin potatoes the peculiarities of its application. Moreover we know that there are substances with marked reducing action which induce only slight glycosuria and are acquainted with at least one poison (hydrocyanic acid) which induces glycosuria, without having any reducing action. According to the needs of the child, from one to three ounces should be given at dinner.

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