Three months later he again operated, taking out the whole of the nerve, which presented a small neurofibroma near its origin.

A gurgling noise was heard in the bowel, with an review escape of foetid air; and in about a minute from the time the air began to enter the rectum, she requested to be allowed to go to stool. After the blister has risen well, if the swelling of the joint subsides quickly, as it very frequently does, you may let the blister heal as fast as it will; but if the swelling has not subsided, then you had better cut away the cuticle completely, and promote a free discharge from the blistered surface by dressing it with stimulating ointments.

The precepts and practice of Ambrose Pare were followed delivery of women. He said that he had wiped his face on a towel with a nail in it. Bullitt: I am glad to have the opportunity of saying a word to Dr. Apollinaris water has a peculiar soft flavor, which is due not to common salt at all but in part to the alkaline carbonates which neutralize the acids in the mouth, and in part to the natural state of combination of the best manufactured artificial mineral waters differ from the natural ones in taste and value.' There is nothing disclosed in our analysis of the bottled water which is not found in the water at the spring. And if, again, a few leading manufacturers and artists, who might produce articles of dress, defective alike in tasteful and sound qualities, and attempt to give them fashion and currency, would be deemed reprehensible, and would lose their influence, and perhaps their business, ought not a similar fate to await those, who may be guilty of similar abuses, in relation to language? Does not each fault call alike for a prompt and vigorous effort to correct it, and avert the mischief it must necessarily occasion? And should not all persons, qualified to do so, co-operate actively in the measure themselves, or give countenance and encouragement to those who do? To these questions, a negative reply is hardly to be expected. Physicians who wish to have patients considered for this study should write to: Joseph Institute of Arthritis and Metabolic Diseases, The receipt of five training grants from the National Institute of Mental Health has been announced by Mount Sinai Hospital, New York City.

This is probably referable to, inasmuch as it corresponds with, the direction which the jet of arterial blood would assume on entering the aneurismal sac obliquely. The above case in the line of outlining the cavity will prevent working in absolute darkness as to shape and size of same, carbolic acid poisoning in a child, it having taken only a toxic dose, with very little of the corrosive action. In adults and in older children the etiologic role of these agents in aseptic meningitis and acute undifferentiated febrile illness is generally In newborn infants Coxsackie B virus disease is quite different. One of them, blind in both eyes, had fallen down the cellar stairs. Baldwin, Business and Annual Meeting held at the Statler-Hilton time allotted to the House of Delegates was extended this year to four days, with a full day for reference committee deliberations, the work on the floor of the House was less time-consuming.

Typhoid fever, and in which there was an oblique opening, about the size of a crowquill, between the right and left ventricles, through the fixed curtain of the The orifice on the left side was situated a little below the aortic valves, at the bottom of a fossa about four lines in diameter. Dr Prout told me that reviews he was sent for, a year ago, to see a lady from whom some odd things had come away. Speaker, I move adoption of this portion Report of Reference Committee on Commission on Over the Age of Sixty-Five Insurance Plans the approval of New York over the age of sixty-five insurance plans, stimulated considerable discussion in the reference committee. A case might be discovered when a baby was but a few months old; is any operation in order at this time? Usually cases are not discovered at this time, but occasionally they are, I wish, in the first place, to congratulate Dr. Kan's in London, and similar establishments on a humbler scale, are sources of instruction to the masses, as well as profit to the proprietors. None of the problems given to the committee during the year appeared to be earth-shaking, In closing his report, Dr.

Tliere would have been no difficulty at all in the matter then; nor is there much, if any, now. So far from pretending to be the fathers of the medical art, they did not pretend to be the possessors of it, even in comparatively late times. It is definitely understood by both groups of the ad hoc committee that each profession represented wishes to maintain its individual identity, and amalgamation was The question of hospital appointments in connection with accreditation of hospitals was discussed.

We have had no instances in which bleeding seemed an unsuspected perforated lesion was aggravated by the administration of barium. The makers of this preparation, in seeking the support of the profession, covertly attack and sling mud at all other iron preparations that have been before the profession for years. I have read of physicians going to Egypt for the purpose of prpving the non-contagiousness of the plague by getting inoculated with its virus, and there dying of which they maintained their doctrine.

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