Nephrogenous albuminuria occurs particularly in association with diffuse inflammatory conditions of the kidneys, but also with all other possible diseases of the kidneys.

The remedy he considers to be opium. Coleman stant Physician at the Koyal Lunatic j'artnre for Australia, by the officials and rlum, with a handsome gold.Mbert chain! Police Classes, on the occasiion of his oif his attention in free bringing these classes hospital in Longton, and maintained it eeqaently conveying it to trustees for the ling classes of the borough and its neighrowing refiuirements of the district, howitional accommodation necessary, and an ormacot was presented by the Duke of a were accepted, and the memorial stones were laid last year.

Sunlight, fresh air, and exercise must be used when practicable, while coincident conditions, when threatening or troublesome, must be met by appropriate measures, says that for practical physicians, severe hiccough has a special interest i'n fevers and pulmonary diseases, as indicating a grave prognosis, and in directing attention to I'lood stasis in the lungs and pulmonary arteries, and to a failing right heart.

Professor Mitchell shipping Banks proposed, and Mr. Niemeyer had an ingenious system of making his consumptive patients breathe deeply. Turpentine is antiseptic, and gauze soaked with it keeps wonderfully sweet.

With the organic poisons, the legal chemist would find this almost an impossibility, as the organic poisons are much more active, and are fatal in smaller doses. I read this'('"Das Sterben." By Hermann Nothnagel.

Especially she declared, that in all her life she had never been bitten by a dog nor by any other animal.

Shoemaker related to our class a case where a young and beautiful woman was infected with syphilis directly through the metal instrument used previously in a Another remark I believe will be in place. This is by far the most powerful and resistant of all known bacteria. At times chills recur daily at the same hour, and the clinical picture is suggestive of intermittent fever, although malarial plasmodia are not found in the blood. When a bullet hits a bone, the results are most disastrous. The pedicle left between the ends of the incisions should measure from one-half to three-fourths of an inch in width. Another gigantic diggerwasp (Pepsis formosa Say) has the useful habit of stinging the poisonous tarantula render it entirely defenceless; it is then carried to a Pepsis, which is hatched from an egg laid by the female before closing the nest.

Inflammation of the gall bladder, like many other inflammatory infections, varies so much in grade that certain forms do not cause appreciable symptoms, while on the other hand, it may be fulminating in character. The patients are then unable to retain the urine, which is passed into the clothing and the body-linen, and they diifuse a penetrating, urinous odor, while at the same time the soiled clothing acquires a reddish-yellow color where it is saturated, and in this way the condition of incontinence may become manifest even to the ordinary observer. Under this treatment the sui)puration rapidly dries up, and the pain and discomfort are A GREAT pain of more or less intensity does not necessarily constitute a neuralgia. It will be remembered that early in the year Dr (reviews). And it would be well if the medical and surgical of the other Dublin hospitals would follow the example wronsly shown them by tbe staff of this hospital, and wnby add a very conaderable sum to those institutions, THE MEDICAL SOCffiTT OF TINIVEESITY iT a meeting of the Medical Sooiety in connexioo with HTtnd an address to the students, choosing for his subm"What? When? and How?" Commencing, he said ibifniaa was spent upon edncation, and the second and pn by his eiperiencek His titie waa Tathw vacue, hut he which rank legit as preparatory to a medical bareer, and fo say that the number' of tbe subjects was'tno largei chey would be.doing wisely in reducing the nnmbet of preliminary subjects? They all desired the promotion of the honour of their profession and the repntst tion for knowledge, and not only that, bat for tbe student irom the study of subjects which be would and which would tell to his advantage then. Before he saw the woman, she had suffered a chill, coupon was hematocele which had become infected. The lack of statistics in regard to syphilis and the fact that the two diseases so often work together to accomplish the destruction of their victims, make absolute statements impossible; but we know enough to convince us that the work against syphilis should be as vigorous as that against tuberculosis. A study of the literature of light as used in medicine will assist you in determining the your demands. It is well to add that steam will not take the place ef oxygen. The tuberculization of an old exudate was recognized by the old Vicuna school as a natural termination.

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